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Feb 27, 2008

The Show Notes:

Star Wars: Tool of Satan
Hair at the Oscars
Ask George  

- future gods?  from Doug
- drummer? songs or singers? spinach?  from Keisha
Interesting Fauna
- Pink Fairy Armadillo
Mortimer interrupts again once again and more, too
more Interesting Fauna   
- Star Nosed Mole
Geo's Mom Reads Jay-Z lyrics
- December 4th from The Black Album
- Happy Birthday Ma!
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make with the Good English
- dozen vs. ten  from Karen Pautz
Religious Moron of the Week
- George Hrab
Addy Awards and check out the 2004 interview
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Star Wars is Satan's Tool; the ADDY® Awards as Geologic News in 2006; tell Geo's Mom Mno Haya Lita; watch the Geo's television interviews.

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Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

Ms. Information says: The Maestro gives too much credit. Those ADDY awards would never have happened without his creative direction.


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Chuck D. say, \"Fight Da Pow-uh!\"
sixteen and a half years ago

Don\'t feel badly, Claire, as I have missed a couple dozen. I wrote to Geo last week giving him the heads up about \"Expelled\", Ben Stein\'s new film regarding Creationism in academia. Should have known that this crew would beat me to that one, as I only just heard in Episode #48 (Pre-Holiday show). Loved the Santa-Rudolph answering machine bit. Happy Holidays to all.

I have taken to listening in the shower to catch up. My iPod\'s been acting a bit twitchy lately, but it\'s nice \'n\' shiny and the headphone cords are stronger and more manageable than ever before.

sixteen and a half years ago

Two bald actors: Bruce Willis, and Patrick Stewart!

sixteen and a half years ago

Hey, not only did Geo read my question, but it was so wierd that he moved the whole Ask George section to the front of the show, just to get it out of the way as quickly as possible!

Yup, I\\\'m the pillock who sent in the one about worshiping future generations...

I don\\\'t think I worded my question in quite the way I meant, but it was very late at night when I wrote it. I had just read the article, and sent the email off before I\\\'d really thought about the consequences that such a religion would have. For the record, I believe that it would work, but only if there were no competing religions, and that ain\\\'t likely to happen!

Anyway, great show, keep up the good work, etc. etc!

sixteen and a half years ago

You\\\'re right....and come to think of it, I do enjoy vegetarian lasagna and spinach dip.


Ted H.
sixteen and a half years ago


It\\\'s not great, but I like it. It depends if you like the style or not. Survivor was not exactly breaking new ground with their music.

Ms. Information
sixteen and a half years ago

Clair! It\'s so nice to see around here.
And about what you said, right on.

sixteen and a half years ago

It seems I like to be about an episode behind, so I miss the initial flurry of comments.

sixteen and a half years ago

also, spinach is icky.

Ted H.
sixteen and a half years ago

A reversal on the actor-rug thing. Remember Ted Danson? Full head of hair on \\\'Cheers\\\', but at the Emmys he was always bald. It became a joke on the show in the final episode when he finally removed it.

\\\'Singer not the Song\\\' was a song on the mid-80\\\'s album \\\'Vital Signs\\\' by Survivor. It\\\'s the first thing that went through my mind when that was mentioned.

sixteen and a half years ago

@Ted H.:

Was the song any good?


To each his own, I guess. I think that spinach is lovely.

julio from ny
sixteen and a half years ago

Didn\\\'t Bruce Willis go bald in the last Die Hard Movie? Isn\\\'t that character considered macho and sexy? Also I\\\'m pretty sure I\\\'ve heard some actors being critiqued for wearing toupees. Maybe it was just marv albert, i forget. oh well.

sixteen and a half years ago

as we all know... bald is beautiful.

sixteen and a half years ago

When the Star Wars prequels (the films that shall not be named) were first coming out, I remember stories on the news about people literally going to theaters and protesting the people waiting in line to get tickets, because the force is an \\\"abomination\\\".

So that particular site may be a joke, but, sadly, the sentiment is not.

Conservapedia might have something to say about it...assuming that\\\'s not just a huge joke too.

sixteen and a half years ago

Oh wow, I just heard the Star Wars segment at the begining and about urinated on myself. When I was a kid and forced into being a Jehovah\\\'s Witness I heard this almost word for word as a speach one of the elders gave. Un-fucking-believable.

sixteen and a half years ago

Wow, the Star Wars bit was totally not what I was expecting. I managed to convince myself ahead of time to be prepared for a rant about how SW is cryptofascist neo-mystical trash (see David Brin for more in that vein). But instead we got a fun parody of openly fascist paleo-mystical trash. Either one would be fine with me, but it\'s nice to be surprised. Sweet!

I too must jump on the Keisha bandwagon. Gimme some of that sweet, sweet spinach, baby. :-D

And I really enjoyed hearing about the pink fairy armadillo -- I\'d never heard of that specific variety before. Mostly I just see the grey flattened armadillo, other wise known as Chlamyphorus streetpizzus.

Karen Pautz
sixteen and a half years ago

Hey, Keisha, you think *you\'re* blissing? I\'ve had my name mangled, er, mention on two (2) podcasts. Woo hoo!

Now we just have to explain to Minoishe Interroberg that it\'s pronounced Missour-ee, not Missour-ah. One small conquest at a time, I guess.

Karen Paaaaaaaaaaaautz

Jeremy from Canada
sixteen and a half years ago

I\'d like to take credit for pranking George but I didn\'t figure out it was a joke until after I sent it to him.

But at least I helped inspire such a great sketch and can be know as the one who(even by accident) made George the moron of the week

P.S. George you totally nailed pronouncing my last name congrats keep up the good work

sixteen and a half years ago

Progeny worship? At first I thought it sounded pretty cool. Then I realized we weren\\\'t playing in Gene Rodenberry\\\'s fantasy world, this was the real world where people will off your daughter so their\\\'s can be a CHEERLEADER for goodness sake.

You really don\\\'t think people would fight wars to make more room for their precious seed? They wouldn\\\'t do everything they can so that their offspring are the supermen and yours are the slaves?

That\\\'s just more naive crazy talk. Sorry, it was a nice thought.

sixteen and a half years ago

Wow, he used my questions! I thought they would go in the hopper and be answered in a month or so.

Thanks, Geo! I\\\'m going to go float away on a cloud of bliss....

sixteen and a half years ago

NCFOM was good overall, but I was a little confused by the end.