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Mar 5, 2008

The Show Notes:

S'more Star Wars
The Addy Awards
More No-Hair Guys
Religious Morons of the Week

- Canadian Housing Council  from Bruce Press
- Mark Wey and Michael Kingscote  also from Bruce Press
- Schlomo Benizri  from Andy Beale
More stuff Geo doesn’t get
- bless you
- gravestones
- do you forgive me?
Geologic 1980: Geo's 1st drum performance EVER
Buy something
Show close


Mentioned in the show, referencing last episode: Star Wars is Satan's Tool and the ADDY® Awards as Geologic News in 2006.

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Ms. Information says: The Maestro was awesome at the Addy Awards gig. Well, I laughed. And so did my entire table.


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Eran Segev
over sixteen years ago

Hi Geo,

Thanks for the mention. You are officially the first person in an English speaking country to pronounce my name correctly without a week of tutoring. But then you ruined it... It\\\'s exactly as you said it first.

On another matter, Shlomo Benizri is of North African descent (the Shas party is a party of Sepharadi Jews, who mostly originate from Arab countries). The New Yoyk Jyew accent you attributed to him is therefore somewhat unlikely..

Thanks for another good show.

raequel aka systris
over sixteen years ago

a-friggin-men about \\\"forgiveness\\\". i\\\'ve never understood that crap with some\\\'s like

a) i\\\'m gonna screw you over something fierce

b) then after i finally realize that i did something fucked up, i\\\'m going to use a dogma-centric mandate to make what i did \\\'okay\\\' that equals to an additional guilt trip on you so that you feel worse about that than what i originally did to you...not that i actually AM sorry/going to be accountable...

like right now, that NY gov. is \\\'apologizing\\\' for being involved with a prostitution ring...i\\\'ll put money on it he\\\'ll be begging that his constituents for \\\'forgiveness\\\' if not already...whatever! he\\\'s only sorry cause he got caught!

but i digress..far and often.

over sixteen years ago

Whenever my now-5-month-old daughter sneezes, I say \\\"Manganese.\\\" When people ask why I say that, I tell them it\\\'s something I heard on a podcast. When they say \\\"What\\\'s a podcast?\\\" I say \\\"Nevermind.\\\"

over sixteen years ago

After being in band for most of my life (playing clarinet since \\\'93) and hearing the recording, the old wisdom that had been shared with me is apparently universal: never let the drummer have a solo.

Also, just wanted to contribute my adulations for this podcast. I had heard you read \\\"That Old Black Magic\\\" and \\\"Connecting Door\\\" on back-issues of Pseudopod (awesome work, by the way) and had the compulsion to come check out this other thing that you do (apparently more often than read horror fiction).

over sixteen years ago

I like the podcast so much that I did not go buy a song on itunes.... I got a whole album! Cheers!

Chuck D.
over sixteen years ago

Recently bought \\\"The God Delusion\\\" at the Barnes & Noble in Montgomeryville, PA. The clerk looked at the book and remarked, \\\"Oh... another one of these!\\\" I couldn\\\'t tell by his tone if he was commenting on the resurgent sales of the newly issued paperback edition or if he was openly dissing my choice of reading material. If I were buying a Bible or the Torah, the I-Ching (not to be confused with Apples \\\"iChing\\\") or Martha Stewart Living, I would most likely not have to endure a comment on my purchase that would cause me to speculate on the agenda of the clerk.

Fat people and atheists are the last remaining socially acceptable prejudices, because it is seen as our choice to be fat or to be an infidel, and that choice is not respected by the majority. If you\\\'re an atheist who is also fat, and I\\\'m getting there, then God help you.

Just thought I\\\'d bitch to the choir. By the way, I remember George\\\'s \\\"saved\\\" ex-girlfiriend from college that he mentions in the most recent show. Quite the couple, they were. I wonder what convent she entered after their parting?


Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Jennifer- Hey, sending lots of sugar your way from Geologic HQ here.

And really- thanks to all of you who support Geologic Records and independent music in general. There are quite a few of you who had some spending sprees over the last year at CD Baby and iTunes. We love you heaps.

As for you Mr Chuck D- you are rather accurate, I think. I\\\'ve said that atheists are the new Muslims. One point of disagreement, if you had purchased something by Stewart, you might have raised an eyebrow at least.

all best,
Ms. Info

Kelly Lawrence
over sixteen years ago

Ms. Info,

Now a coat on a dog w/o fur makes sense. I had a dog as a child in Buffalo,NY who had to wear a wee sweater as he was not a cold weather dog. I just remember standing in Target trying to understand why any dog owner would put their companion in a onesie or an easter dress except as a joke. Weird.

over sixteen years ago

My dog is a dalmatian and she has short fur and sensitive skin...especially on her she has to wear booties when it\\\'s all snowy and icy.

And I can also confirm that, yes, there is a movement in green burials right now. Pine or walnut boxes, no embalming fluids (which I\\\'m told is legal if the burial is within the first 24 or 48 hours or something like that)...I think the place that they\\\'re the most popular right now is Vermont...I\\\'m not positive on that, but it\\\'s somewhere in the northeast...which shouldn\\\'t be a surprise to anyone.

And to combine the topics, pet memorials are extremely popular now. People are buying the same types of elaborate monuments for their pets that they do for humans. The more open-minded cemeteries sometimes relax their restrictions to let you put your pets on your family plots, so there\\\'s some pretty extreme stuff like little mini doghouse shaped mausoleums to put the remains or cremaines of all of your family\\\'s pets in one place.

Kelly Lawrence
over sixteen years ago

I\'d like to weigh in on the coats for dogs comment. That is something I reaaallly don\'t get, but even worse is baby clothes for teeny dogs. It\'s not a baby. It\'s a living creature that deserve some friggin\' respect. Sheesh! Any thoughts Geo? I know you\'re a dog lover.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

On the coats-for-dogs topic, excuse me if I step in here.

Andy and Kelly- I\'m quick to agree with you about the cute-pie dog dressup people indulge. Those little dogs tricked out in Gucci gear make me ill. However, Oscar [The Most Dog] being a boxer, wasn\'t built for extreme temperatures. Some dogs don\'t have fur that provides much insulation- like greyhounds, for instance.

If Oscar had to be out in the winter landscape for any length of time, especially when he was an older gentleman, he wore a coat. His regalia was always dignified, though. He had a hunter green coat with a fleece lining and a warm collar. [Tangent: since we\'re in The Christmas City, there are many tourists milling around. One lad saw Oscar- who was a classic fawn- and said \"Look, Daddy! A reindeer!\"]

Maybe it\'s my imagination, but he seemed to enjoy wearing it; putting on his coat meant he had things to do, places to go, people to charm.

Ms. Info... missing Oscar

Andy Beale
over sixteen years ago

Just want to add idea to \\\"Stuff Geo Doesn\\\'t Get\\\". Coats for Dogs??? Why, they have fur.

over sixteen years ago

I never understood the deal with getting autographs. Do people collect them to prove they\\\'ve \\\"met\\\" the significant person? The most ridiculous demonstration of this I have personally witnessed is parents urging their kids to get autographs from the costumed characters at Disneyland. The mobs around the main characters was frightening.

This does not include getting a book signed by your favorite author, which often includes a moment to express your appreciation for their work; a chance to meet, even briefly, the creators of fantastic fiction or non-fiction that can change a mind-set, and let them know how they\\\'ve touched your life. Those are the kind of creators I can appreciate.

over sixteen years ago

Your comment about how the $50 gift certificate was actually worse than nothing struck a chord. My SO\\\'s office just announced bonuses. This is an IT office, so these things usually run (for non-managers) in the 5% range on good years, 2-3% in ok years, and 0% in bad years. This year, it was about 0.8%. All non-managerial staff got $500, before taxes. Again, worse than nothing.

over sixteen years ago

Oh, one comment about the poltergeists: they weren\'t in Toronto, they were in England, in County Durham. There is a Durham County near Toronto, but it\'s really quite different.

The confusion came from a badly written news story at, which was comparing the Easington District Council complaint to the ones that the Toronto Metro Housing council gets, and left the impression that it *was* one that the Toronto Metro Housing council gets.

(Trivia fact: CityTV, which runs CityNews, was the model for the fictional CIVIC-TV in David Cronenberg\'s \"Videodrome\", and CIVIC-TV\'s founder \"Moses\" is based on CityTV\'s founder, Moses Znaimer.)

Nick Gutierrez
over sixteen years ago

The thing I don\\\'t get is what I\\\'ve taken to calling the \\\"Wal-Mart pricing scheme\\\". Why are songs on iTunes, for example, 99 cents, instead of a dollar? Is that one cent really changing anybody\\\'s life?

over sixteen years ago

The second song is \\\"Hot Cross Buns\\\" another favorite in any beginning music book.

Having Geo say your name on the show is like having a guest spot on the Muppet Show. I feel just like Liza Minelli! :)

over sixteen years ago

Thanks, Carrie.


George, your drum solo in the middle of Mary Had A Little Lamb sounds like Garth\\\'s solo at the music store in Wayne\\\'s World.

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago

That\\\'s the vibe I was going for...

Albeit 13 years BEFORE the Movie.

I\\\'m always WAAAAY ahead of the culture...



Danny Schade
over sixteen years ago

Hey Geo,
Nice drumming! You had some chops for a nine-year-old. I was laughing because you do what a lot of my young drum students do which is one of my hugest drumming pet-peeves... that\\\'s hitting a \\\"naked\\\" crash. In other words, not playing the crash with the kick drum or the snare drum to support it.

I remember hearing some of my own recordings from middle school and I did the exact same thing.


over sixteen years ago

Awww....when I clicked the comments link it said there were no comments.

Got my hopes up.....hehe.

I think I\\\'m actually gonna listen to this one today since I\\\'m home sick...again.

Plus it\\\'s a snow day.

Mario and Geo sounds like a good day to me....