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Mar 27, 2008

The Show Notes:

Children on Airplanes (Geo on the left, Steve on the right)
Thanks to Dan for the FZ Beer Bottle
Skeptical about Derek
Ben Stein's Expelled
Collective Nouns for the 21st Century
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

- Sally Kern Update
- blinded Indians
- The Rt. Rev Joseph Devine  from Craig Nelson
- Archbishop Ieronimos II  from Jerry Heden
- Sanitary Crucifixers  from Sion Hughes and Jordan Umstad   
Stable Country List
Civil War Generals
U.K. concert?
Vid-cast for Religious Moron of the Week?
Show close


Mentioned in the show: The FZ bottle; PZ Meyers; Richard Dawkins.

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Ms. Information says: Despite that whole monetary exchange thing, London truly rocks.

fourteen and a half years ago

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almost fifteen years ago

I know I\'m incredibly late on this, but I\'m still catching up on podcasts. I would like to suggest a gefilte. A gefilte of religious morons. Or perhaps a reverend. A reverend of religious morons. If there are a lot of them it could be a very reverend of religious morons. Or perhaps an exorcism of religious morons. Or maybe even a sin of religious morons.

fifteen and a half years ago

Nice one, again. Of course, I listened to this almost a week ago. See how quickly I respond? I\\\'m on it, man!

Saw the FZ beer in a local boutique, but I wasn\\\'t brave enough to try it... yet.

A daffy of religious morons. Okay, so it makes ME laugh.

I love all of the brouhaha regarding the expelled expellers.

Shaded Spriter
fifteen and a half years ago

On the greek Marriage religious moron.

Follow the money:
Church: State creates state marriages - less church marriages - less money for the churches.
Government: state marriages mean Marriage fees.
Gays: In most countries Married couples get less tax than two people living together. Gays want less tax...does that count as a gay agenda?

Paul Fischer
fifteen and a half years ago

I\'d love to see more religious morons, audio or video.

Can\'t wait to see you at Balticon.

fifteen and a half years ago

I guess I can take my hand at it as well.

A Hypocrisy of Religious Morons.

Nice work on Expelled! I\\\'ve been reading various articles about it as well. I\\\'m really amazed by Ben Stein associating himself with this. As a huge fan of CBS Sunday Morning, I\\\'ve always been impressed with the thoughtfulness of his commentary pieces. While not always in agreement, I generally feel his comments are at least reasoned.

Well, I never balk at encouraging someone ELSE to do more work. So, SURE a vidcast would be fantastic!

Jeremy from Winnipeg
fifteen and a half years ago

there is a name for a group of shy divers
it\\\'s not a bounce
it\\\'s a Stick

fifteen and a half years ago

Stein. That\'s pretty sweet. :D

fifteen and a half years ago

I was really really happy to hear the rant about Expelled.

The more I hear about that movie the more and more it offends me on soooooo many different levels...all the way from a filmmaking standpoint to my heathenistic views on religion. And when I heard about the Nazi references (before listening to this show)...ugh.

Right from the start though, I\\\'ve found it frustrating that Ben Stein, a Jew, is just helping to prop up the religious right...even though a vast majority of them probably think he\\\'s going to hell anyway for being Jewish.

Despite all the details we could find to go off on about it though, my opinion is that this whole thing simply comes down to him just whoring himself to today\\\'s perception of being a conservative. By which I mean what we see on TV. Just go along with the Fox news crowd so you can call yourself a good Republican.

Seriously...there has to be some reference to global warming and Al Gore being a putz in there...I just know it...

fifteen and a half years ago


A haggard of religious morons.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

My chapeau thrown into the collective ring:

An inquisition of religious morons.

fifteen and a half years ago

A suggestion for a collective term for religious morons:

Schmuck. A Schmuck of religious morons.


fifteen and a half years ago

Oh oh oh. I think I have it...

A Stein of religious moron

fifteen and a half years ago

oops. Somehow clipped the final s

A Stein of religious morons

fifteen and a half years ago

Nave. A nave of religious morons. (A nave of knaves, as it were.)

And if that unspeakably brilliant suggestion doesn\'t tickle your taint and make you squeeze gooey happy-juice all over your flapjacks, I have another one:

Douche. A douche of religious morons. Because after listening to the RMotW, I feel drained and fresh and slightly astringent for the rest of the day.

Except when I don\'t. So:

Detachment. A detachment of religious morons. For the obvious reason.

Hoo boy.

About flying to London, I have a question. Geo, you recently got burned by that advertisers\' award dinner thing because you didn\'t specify a fee up front. Now obviously the Land of Jeeves would never let you down in such a way, but by not asking to be paid for your work, aren\'t you setting yourself up for disappointment?

I\'m not criticizing the motive, which I think is brilliant and brave and beautiful and other words starting with b, but you know, hotels are expensive. Meals can be expensive. Travel itself can be incredibly draining. And as cool as it is to go to London (OMG!) there\'s a part of me that thinks, Wait. Geo\'s a professional. Even when he\'s crapping his lederhosen he\'s a professional. Isn\'t getting paid part of being a pro? Even if it\'s only a small, token amount, that token is meaningful. It\'s part of the identity, part of the game, and isn\'t it important to play the game right? So that even if you get home three days late because the planes were broken and Homeland Security strip-searched you and confiscated your musical saw, at least you know you didn\'t get fucked?

I\'m just really curious about your feelings on this question. (And OK, what damn right to do I have to inquire into your emotions, I know, I know, but hey, I\'m curious and I\'m nosy.)

fifteen and a half years ago

A cult. A cult of religous morons of the week.

Jay P
fifteen and a half years ago

I like \\\"a persecution of religious morons\\\"

Akira MacKenzie
fifteen and a half years ago


I like the idea of the RMotW vidcast and would encourage you to pursue the project. Just what sort of motif or format would you use?

fifteen and a half years ago

How about...a pastor of religious morons. Kinda sings doesn\\\'t it? Although I like rectory too. Good one, Jillian.

fifteen and a half years ago

A rectory of religious morons? Though I fear that may be more apropos for pedophiliac clergymen.

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey do you guys have the link to the Snopes article about the guy who was dead for five days before they found him? I need to forward that around work.