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Mar 21, 2007

Special SUPER BLASPHEMY Edition!

The show notes:

Tee Morris Bumper
Letter from St. Matthew's Churches
Jesusez's Name?
Catholic Aerobics
A Perfect Religious Symbol
Jesus Abs
Violence versus Biology
King of the Jews
My Sister's Leprechaun Dilemma
A Breath...
Calling Last Week's Show
Children's Music Program
Unnecessarily Dramatic Kids Play
Ukrainian PA Systems
Mortimer Calls Yet Again


Mentioned in the show: Balticon and Musician's Cooler. Read Tulsa's report on St. Matthew's Churches here.

And don't forget: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, an idea or a good question? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

almost sixteen years ago

wow gold
wow gold
wow gold

over seventeen years ago

Holy crap! I\\\'m a third, too! :-D

chuck olsen
over seventeen years ago

Hi George,

Thanks for making me laugh my ass off. Your dad and I teach and chaperon the MKA ski club together. He pointed your podcast out to me. I have enjoyed all of your rants, especially this one. The religious moron of the week thing and granma\\\'s stuff are always a hit with me too.

Thanks for doing the podcast. It\\\'s a great way for me to get to know your dad\\\'s son without driving to Bethlehem and awkwardly trying to hang out.


Chuck (the MKA Band guy)

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Oooh. Fun.

Hey Nobilis- Why do you think people create podcasts?


Now I realize that you’re forced BY LAW to listen to my podcast- and I’m sorry that can’t use the FAST FORWARD control (that you mentioned in your post) to skip over the shit you don’t like and I realize that you’re only posting to complain about the content of this COMPLETELY FREE ENTERTAINMENT I provide because of the new internet laws FORCING you to... so I’ll cut you some slack.

I’m not talking about RITUALS. I’m talking about the MEANING IMBUED INTO rituals. Hey- if you want to light candles, or count ceiling tiles, or chew soda bottles or WHATEVER- BE MY GUEST. I think it’s INCREDIBLY hypocritical however- (and the MEANING behind my ¾ podcast length rant is THIS) to think that

A: These rituals effect ANYTHING REAL,


B: If you DON’T perform these rituals you’ll be punished by some invisible force of the universe, or something other BAD might happen,


C: YOUR rituals make more SENSE than someone else’s rituals.

Do you realize that before I figured out the sham-nature of ALL RELIGIOUS THOUGHT I used to be TERRIFIED that I’d burn in hell if I didn’t cross myself at the appropriate time? Is that a good effect of ritual?

You yourself described what I’m talking about:

* * * * * *

Some people don\\\'t understand ritual. They do them because of social pressure, or fear of God, or because they believe some magical effect will happen as a result. THOSE things are pretty silly when you come right down to it. Hell, doing ANYTHING because of social pressure or fear of God or magical effects is pretty silly.

* * * * * *

Bingo. You go on to say-

* * * * * *

But one of the things you derided in this podcast is not the motivations for ritual, but the act of ritual itself.

* * * * * *

Uhh.. what’s the difference? I was talking about THESE SPECIFIC RITUALS that ARE RIDICULOUS. When I listen to music, or exercise, o

over seventeen years ago

I am not going to rant for a page or two here (honestly, I skipped past most of Nobilis\\\' post and your reply to it). I just wanted to say that I actually enjoyed your entire rant. I don\\\'t always agree with everything you say (if I did it would be kind of scary, because we\\\'d be like doppelgangers or something), but I do enjoy listening to talk about most of it. So ignore these people and just keep doing what entertains you. There are those of us out here who will keep listening.

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Awww... sheesh... Yer makin\\\' me blush.

Thanks D!

Seriously- thanks for listening-


over seventeen years ago


those prayer cloths, ugh i see them advertised in some Philly area free newspapers. They claim to cure everything from mental and physical illness to financial makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. is it just me, you think that all the bible thumpers have a big meeting to decide what BS they want to push on people every year? well, enough rambling i hope the prayer cloth blesses your Porn DVD\\\'s, my brother!

peace out!
raequel aka systris

over seventeen years ago

Znamenyto!!!!! Ochikuyu sliduyuchi podcasts!!!!!

over seventeen years ago

George, why do you think people listen to your podcast?

It\\\'s for the entertainment.

Devoting three quarters of your podcast to a very long rant about religion is not entertaining. After ten minutes I started skipping ahead. Ten minutes is plenty. When I hit the twenty minute mark I stopped it.

I\\\'m very frustrated. I don\\\'t mind your religion rants, they\\\'re usually right on the mark... but this one went way, way overboard.

Here\\\'s why:

I have a shelf in my house, covered with foil (for safety) where I burn candles. I like candles. To me, they symbolize peace, enlightenment, and the transitory nature of life and its problems. TO ME. Not to any God or gods, not to any mystical force... to me.

Stay with me.

Would you agree that peace and enlightenment are good things? Would you agree that life and its problems are indeed transitory? Burning candles helps me to keep those things in mind. They are a tool I use for engineering my own consciousness.

Burning candles is a ritual. People use ritual to change the way they think and feel about things. Basically, it\\\'s a non-chemical drug.

Do you drink coffee or beer? Do you exercise? Do you have sex? Chances are good that you do at least some of these things.

Do you do any of these things because of the way they make you feel, because of the effects they has on your brain? Doing any of these things is NO different than performing a ritual. To claim some kind of superiority over people who perform rituals is an act of hypocrisy, if you indulge in any sort of mind-altering behavior.

Heck, from the right point of view, MUSIC is the same way! Have you ever listened to music in order to change the way you think or feel? That\\\'s NO different than using ritual.

Some people don\\\'t understand ritual. They do them because of social pressure, or fear of God, or because they believe some magical effect will happen as a result. THOSE things are pretty silly when you come right down to it. Hell, doing ANYTHING be