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Apr 3, 2008

The Show Notes:

Vote for Carrie P.
Check out The Assumption remix

Private Podcast Concert:
- The Assumption
- Out of My Mind
- Candy (Elvis Costello)
- Heaven Must Be Boring
- Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles)
- Think For Yourself
- Body and Soul (standard*)
- Disappointed
- Books Are Burning (XTC)
- The More I Despise It Less
- You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To (Cole Porter)
- Convenient
- Dinosaur (King Crimson)
- brainsbodyboth
- The Rainbow Connection (Kermit T. Frog)

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Mentioned in the show: Vote for CarrieP here; The Assumption remix; the Silicon Chef himself, Brian Richardson.

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Ms. Information says a few things: 1- The comments moderation has been lifted and the coast is clear. 2- I voted- have you? *3- Body and Soul was written by Heyman, Sour, Eyton and Green. 4- Brian Richardson rocks the Geologic Universe.

eye glasses
fourteen and a half years ago

eye glasses
eye wear

fourteen and a half years ago

wrath of lich king,
wrath of the lich.
wrath lich king,

Steve Wright
fifteen and a half years ago

Thank you very much for this gift!

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Geo,

I just wanted to thank you for this \\\'cast. Listened to it for the first time last night after a really looooong day. It was exactly what I needed. I\\\'ve listened to your cover of So Like Candy at least a dozen times in the past 24 hours. I\\\'ve also started breaking them out of the podcast into individual songs for my iPod. Hope you don\\\'t mind.

And I just have to say, I got choked up during Rainbow Connection. If you\\\'d done I\\\'m Going To Go Back There Someday, a tear or two would\\\'ve been shed. Awesome show. Thank you.

Brian Prime
fifteen and a half years ago

rainbow connection is the most depressing fucking song iv\\\'e ever heard!!! i teared up you played that!

over fifteen years ago

Damn, that was a great podcast. I\\\'m still catching up, listening to a couple of podcasts a day, and this was a real favourite.

Mind you, I had a brief `wha?\\\' moment when I was listening to one song...

\\\"I\\\'d gladly surrender myself to you, Buddy Ansell\\\"

Nothing wrong with the pronunciation, I was distracted and only half heard it.

Peter S
fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Geo,
Great show!!!

Last week you talked about the Expelled/PZ Myers fiasco. If you haven\\\'t heard the latest check out
Seems PZ decided to crash an Expelled press conference. Rebecca Watson recorded the whole thing, which you can listen to here:

Give it a listen, it\\\'s almost as funny as The Geologic Podcast!

Steve Andrew
fifteen and a half years ago

You see, this is what I love about the Geologic Podcast. One week we\'ll get Pythonesque lunacy, another week we\'ll have a courtroom drama, then poopy lederhosen, then fancasts, then epic drum duets, then all-music shows. Just brilliant.

Thanks for doing \"You\'d be So Nice To Come Home To\" Everytime I have to work late and I\'m away from my fiancée, I think of that song.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

Steve dear-

Would you be kind enough to send me your email contact info? You can write me here.

Ms. Info

This episode proves that a podcast can jump back over the shark.
fifteen and a half years ago

fifteen and a half years ago

(It seems that I have put the wrong information in the wrong places so I will do my best to recreate the comment.) Wow! This episode proves that a podcast can jump back over the shark. It\'s one of my all-time favorites. I kind of wish you would have played \"Bebop\" instead of that weird version of \"Brains Body Both,\" but beggars can\'t be choosers. That was amazing.

fifteen and a half years ago

Wow Geo that was great. Books Are Burning really got to me. I was surprised it wasn\'t yours originally. You really owned it.

Do you have to write completely different arrangements when you do your stuff on acoustic guitar, or are you pretty much winging it?

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago


Depends on the tune I guess. Some fully realized \\\"band\\\" tunes need to be reworked for the solo setting, but hopefully any song worth it\\\'s nuts will be able to stand on its own in a simple setting. You can hear the differences between the recorded versions of tunes like \\\"Out of my Mind\\\" and \\\"The More I Despise It Less\\\". Those differences are mostly to facilitate performance practicality, but sometimes I like to do a completely different version like brainsbodyboth just for the fun and challenge of it. And to keep you fine folks guessing.

I would say that it\\\'s all worked out though, and that there\\\'s very little winging of anything. Especially it.

Good question!



fifteen and a half years ago

Which, frankly, is kind of embarrassing in a married overweight white guy who\'s closing in on 40.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago


I was at a photo shoot and the photographer was wearing a t-shirt that read:
\"Time is an invention.\"

Wisdom in the oddest places, eh?

Ms. Info

fifteen and a half years ago

can\\\'t wait to listen. I loved the live two-parter from way back.

fifteen and a half years ago

An all music show!?!?!?!?!?


Carrie, let me know when there\\\'s a falling down drunk Karaoke podcast, cause I\\\'m totally there when there is.


fifteen and a half years ago

\"The Rainbow Connection\" makes me go SQUEEEEE!