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Apr 10, 2008

The Show Notes:

Mark and the Mad Dog
Henrique's Movie
An Half Australian Wedding
Wombat Rape  from Chris Merle
Religious Moron Collective Noun Suggestions
Amazing Life, with guest Michael Benhaw
Ask George  

- FZ MP literary equivalent  from Bradley C. Roberson
- no pay gig?  from Marvin
Hotel gig
Summer gigs and Balticon Schedule
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Henrique, the "Clown Prince of Atheism" and the Freak Forum; coming up soon, Balticon; James Randi's The Amazing Meeting 6 ; the largest free music festival in the Northern Hemisphere [or so they say] Musikfest.

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over fourteen years ago

Maybe that\'s a little older than we\'re thinking but that\'s a pretty big part of the history of the English wit....even though I think they were both Irish...but it works for me..Tiffany Jewellery
Tiffany and co
Tiffany Co Bracelets

over fourteen years ago

Maybe that\'s a little older than we\'re thinking but that\'s a pretty big part of the history of the English wit....even though I think they were both Irish...but it works for me..Tiffany Jewellery
Tiffany and co

over fifteen years ago

Great episode! I draw nearer to actually catching up.

Wombats are dangerous, but in an indirect manner. Hitting one in a car is like hitting a tree stump. It kills the wombat but it also tends to send you off the road.

over fifteen years ago

A splooge of religious morons?

Cathcing up in the shows so I am abit slow ( special)

fourteen and a half years ago

lecteur mp3

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey George. Love the podcast.

A suggestion for Python/Zappa literary equivalent... How about Samuel Clemens? He never pulled a punch and was always willing to stick a finger in the eye of the establishment. One of my favorite writers and one quick witted MoFo.

Keep up the great work!

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

Of course...

Mark Twain. Duh. GREAT answer.

Nicely done sir.


fifteen and a half years ago

Quick bit of info for everyone. Slau is on this week issue of Skepticality, go and have a listen.

fifteen and a half years ago

Mark and the Mad Dog rock. Seeing as how I live in Atlanta and the example we have set, you can understand why that is all I can contribute to the conversation.

D. C.
fifteen and a half years ago

ARGH! Mika beat me to it! I thought of a falwell of religious morons earlier but forgot to submit it last week.

Doug in Alaska
fifteen and a half years ago

re: Mac vs PC \\\"debate\\\"(WAR is more appropriate usually) on the Farpoint Forums(should the Geologic Forums be setup there) is a headache I(as a moderator) would rather avoid, and I\\\'m sure I am not the only one.

Doug in Alaska aka dqbiggerfam on

fifteen and a half years ago

re: D.C
You can use a Coulter of religious morons if you like. Just as good

fifteen and a half years ago

Yeah, you\\\'re right, cult is way obvious. Still, it was an honor to be mentioned on the show. It would\\\'ve been if one of the 4 RMotWs I\\\'d sent had made it, but hey, I bet you get so many that choosing which ones make the show can\\\'t be easy. ;-)

fifteen and a half years ago

Geo, thanks for the great insight into artist economics. I hadn\'t thought of it in those terms.

As for the intro -- I love it, and I enjoy it when you riff on it as well. I can\'t say I\'ve ever been fond of the \"adios muchachos\" outro, however. Somehow it always seems to clash with the rest of the show. I\'d vote for \"Goodbye\" from Coelacanth or something in a similar vein.

Nigel in Melbourne
fifteen and a half years ago

I remember some time ago you were talking of Religious morons going one about Star Wars. I happened upon an image of just such a thing.

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey George! I was listening to your show on my motorcycle and I noticed that your interview section that you were rather low, you might want to look at your levels. It\\\'s happened on other episodes.

Having that out of the way, I have to tell you, you are one funny mf. I love your show, I really look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work!

fifteen and a half years ago

\\\"... or am I just completely insane?\\\"


Please, please, please extend your southwest trip to include Phoenix. Please? Pretty please?

Personally I think your bumpers are a bit long, but at least you use them. Nothing worse than a podcaster that just rambles on with no breaks between subjects. You\\\'re fascinating!

Lurve, Debbie

fifteen and a half years ago do not want to see me get involved in a PC vs Mac debate...


Anyway...As for Python or Zappa esque literature, what about Oscar Wilde or Johnathan Swift?

Maybe that\\\'s a little older than we\\\'re thinking but that\\\'s a pretty big part of the history of the English wit....even though I think they were both Irish...but it works for me...

Can\\\'t really think of any Americans though...I don\\\'t know...would Chuck Palahniuk qualify as being like Zappa? I don\\\'t really understand his appeal, but people really seem to be into him for his edgy way outside the lines style and subject he\\\'s Ukrainian, apparently...

Um....maybe J.D. Salinger or Ken Kesey?


julio from ny
fifteen and a half years ago

regarding mac vs. pc, I go both ways (to my wife\\\'s chagrin). Anywho, Ms. Info, do you use garageband or logic studio/express to edit the podcast. Just curious. Do you know how it compares to audacity (there I go again with liking both platforms).

As for the intro, I\\\'m cool with it. I usually am zoned out until the show begins; however when it\\\'s changed up, or you do a skit prior to the intro, it does keep me on my toes and I get excited with anticipation for what is to come.

Lord Elhaz
fifteen and a half years ago

I agree with CarrieP. I like the intros, I think it makes the show have nice transitions from skit to skit. And i kinda missed the \"adios muchachos\" in this show... But like she said, you can\'t please everyone.

and just to clarify, when you said \"if this computer crashes one more time, i\'m gonna get a wombat and I\'m gonna rape it\" did you mean you would rape the wombat or have it rape your computer?

fifteen and a half years ago

I can\\\'t think of a better \\\"literary equivalent of Frank Zappa\\\" then your suggestion of Kurt Vonnegut. I think the original suggestion of Douglas Adams is a tiny bit of a cheat for the \\\"literary equivalent of Monty Python\\\". As you point out, Adams was no more or less literary than the Pythons themselves -- he was a sketch and radio comedy writer, and only went to books after making it big with performance comedy.

But if Adams can qualify, then I have to plug one of my comedy heroes, Spike Milligna (the well-known typing error). I wrote you about Milligan and the Goon Show a while back, and think I covered much of this but your other readers may be interested.

Not only did Spike Milligan write The Goon Show for the BBC for 10 years -- thereby launching Peter Sellers\\\'s career, not to mention inspiring most of the Pythons in their youth -- but, on the literary side, his war memoirs are very funny, without taking anything away from the horrors he was subjected to (up to and including being caught in German shelling that left him shell-shocked, leading to life-long bipolar disorder).

While Milligan\\\'s later books are nowhere near as strong as the earlier ones, I highly recommend at least the first four of his memoirs: \\\"Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall\\\", \\\"Rommel? Gunner Who? A Confrontation in the Desert\\\", \\\"Monty: His Part in My Victory\\\", and \\\"Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall\\\".

The first volume begins:

\\\"September 3, 1939: the last minutes of peace ticking away. Father and I were watching Mother digging our air-raid shelter. \\\'She\\\'s a great little woman,\\\' said Father. \\\'And getting smaller all the time,\\\' I added.\\\"

Another little excerpt, shortly after Milligan was called up:

\\\"He drove me into what was D Battery Office. The walls once white were now thrice grey. From a peeling ceiling hung a forty watt bulb that when lit made the room darker. A Janker Wallah was giving the bare floor a stew-colored hue by slopping a mop around, r

fifteen and a half years ago

The methods Apple\'s using to promote their products makes me sick. Example: No credit card? Sorry, no iphone for you then. They hate software freedom even more than the behemoth in Redmond. I cannot and will not promote Apple in any way.Never used one so can\'t say anything on usability. I moved from Winduh to Kubuntu Linux last year and I\'m not going back. The one thing Apple\'s got down is design.

fifteen and a half years ago

My luck, someone\\\'s already said this...but how about a \\\"scrotum\\\" of religious morons?

fifteen and a half years ago

How about a \"Falwell\" of religious morons?

fifteen and a half years ago

Dare I say genius?

Dare! Dare!

Geo, you\\\'re a bloody genius. Mark and the Mad Dog == Brilliant! Amazing Life with Michael Benhaw, Comedy Gold! LOL

Keep the intros. Love em.

fifteen and a half years ago

Geo, is there a stylized picture of a fruit on your puter? If so, THAT\'S your problem. Try something with a penguin on it.

Shit, that\'s going to rile up the freedom-hating troglodytes (Apple fan-boys)

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago


We are the Apple fan-boys [er, people]. The studio is wholly Mac-outfitted. In the 15 years I\'ve been Sheer Brick Studio, I\'ve had one serious hardware problem... which my tech team proceeded to fix in record time.

The only software that\'s wonky here? Office, most particularly Word. I have to have it for my DOS clients even though iPages outstrips it. And Vista? I won\'t allow it within an inch of my network.

Freedom-hating? I\'d say Apple and related software is extremely cross-platform in many instances.

I\'m convinced DOS users are people who need a Christmas present.

Ms. Info

Philippa Ballantine
fifteen and a half years ago

Oh dear, New Zealand makes it onto the podcast and it is for wombat rape. *sigh* Good Australian accent though....

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

One thing I would sorely miss if changed is the Ask George intro. I laugh every single time I hear it. [And you can best believe I hear it often.]

A propos of nothing, I happened to be in the studio when the Maestro was recording some of the cast. I was eating carrots- as quietly as possible. Glad you couldn\'t hear it over the wombat-related defilement.

Ms. Info

fifteen and a half years ago


I actually got my daughter excited about The Amazing Meeting in June because she could see you there! (Plus she\\\'s never been to Vegas.) Is your show a jam with Graydon or a two shows for the price of one gig?

Looking forward to seeing you play!


fifteen and a half years ago

I love the intros! And yes, I do sing along with some of them.

fifteen and a half years ago

Got my signed copy of Interrobang the other day. It, like, ROCKS! The problem with The Geologic Podcast is that I have this problem with giggling in public. and I can\'t stop it at will!

Jeff Bennett
fifteen and a half years ago

I like it best when you surprise us by changing the intros from time to time. I don\\\'t want to see them go away all together. I wouldn\\\'t get too worked up over it though, just keep doing your thing. Cheers!

fifteen and a half years ago

Yeah, what she said. I agree with CarrieP.