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May 8, 2008

The Show Notes:

AARP coupons
working the telethon
Geo's Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics-

- Lost One from Kingdom Come
Ask George  
- recording hints  from Derek Smith
- blowing in the wind  from Matt Deacon
The Three Skeptic Stooges
For Sherman: Oscar's Song
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- Pasco County School District  from Mark C, Jay P.
- Ryan Schallenberger's Parents  from Dave K.
- Ken Hutcherson, et al.  from Patrick L.
- Congressman Paul C. Broun  from Jared C.
Housekeeping: Balticon, Godfrey's, Washington DC, Vegas, Galapagos
Skeptic Inside Cover
Happy Mother's Day!
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Three Stooges; upcoming gigs; the Galapagos Islands; Kerry and Sherman.

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Ms. Information says: Two originals, best friends, forever in our hearts.

over sixteen years ago

Um, the confusion at the Post Office might be tied to your father coming up on 65. What chance is they mixed you two up, living hundreds of miles apart?

over sixteen years ago

I wish I could think of something clever or relevant to say.

raequel aka systris
over sixteen years ago

Hey glad to see a new episode! Judging from the comments, it should be quite a good one! Just wanted to say my spiffy new job is with AARP\\\'s insurance yeah....

Anyhoo I\\\'m wondering if there are any balticon bound folks who can spare floor spce for a fellow HrabHead? I reely want to be able to stay the whole weekend in md and all the main hotel is sold out :(

If you can help send an email! Thanks much

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Marty darlin\'-

My best friend is Kerry, however there are many times when I\'d love to hijack her identity for my own use.

MsInfo aka Donna

Matt Deacon
over sixteen years ago

I realise now that I hadn\\\'t given enough thought to my question. I guess the only absolute would be that you would have to suck through to \\\"completion\\\". Everything else would be up to you.


over sixteen years ago

Listen to the comments from the protesters about the gay rights day of silence and think about the prayer-in-schools movement\'s moment of silence.

Irony, anyone?

over sixteen years ago

Sorry for the mix-up on the Carrie/Kerry thing. I guess I was too busy crying over lost pets to differentiate. Plus I didn\\\'t know Ms I was a Kerry. My sympathies nonetheless.

over sixteen years ago

Regarding the cocksucking question: my answer is a big \"it depends\". I would be less concerned about the appearance of the guy than about the personal hygiene of the guy.

Also, there\'s sucking cock, and then there\'s SUCKING COCK. What act are we talking about here? 30 seconds of low-impact sucking, or sucking to completion and swallowing? Can I have the guy wear a condom? Can I have him wear two condoms? Can I have him wear a full body condom? The answers to these questions would greatly affect my price point.

over sixteen years ago

Well, nice to know my tax dollars are going to good things. I live in Wesley Chapel, FL, which is in Pasco County. Yay for the ban against wizardry... because you know, slight of hand and illusion is such a threat to society.

over sixteen years ago

Hmmm, I would maybe MAYBE suck a cock for like... 10 grand. Probably more. And it would have to be through a glory hole with condom that or not at all. Damn, such a \"hard\" question...thats right, I said it.

Philippa Ballantine
over sixteen years ago

Wow- Geo... sounds like you could make some money at DragonCon this year =p

over sixteen years ago

Hey, George, glad you\\\'re back.

While I was at work today I realized how much I missed your show last week. I had to listen to other shows to fill the gap so that threw off everything and I literally had NOTHING to listen to today...sheesh.

But now tomorrow will rock :-D

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


Yup. It\\\'s called Atlanta.

Good call.

Nice to be back.



over sixteen years ago

My sympathies to Carrie P. on the loss of her beloved pet. We had to have our cat Max put down a few weeks ago. As \\\"Oscar\\\'s Song\\\" played I began to miss Max terribly. Losing a pet sucks.

over sixteen years ago

Ahhhh, yes. A brand new \"Hrab-cast\". Nice, new, shiny, and right out of the box.

over sixteen years ago

Hurrah! finally! its 12:00 am and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m going to delve into the world of Geo once again...HUZZAH.