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Jun 5, 2008

Super Special Balticon Edition

The Show Notes


Live from Balticon
Popeye has big tits
Birthday announcements
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastard (thanks to Eric Hildeman!)
No, man is an island
Tickets, Taxis, Blow Jobs and Mother’s Day
Adolph Hitler goes to a wedding planner
Religious Morons of the Week

- Tammy Lewis  from Jared Congiardo
- The Resistance  from Josh
- Larry Langford
- 10 Plagues Puppets  from Scott Maxwell
- Scientology Protest  from Jim Blackwell
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make with the Good English
- proves / disproves  from Tom Evans
- pushing the envelope
- supposable / supposively / supposingly
- critique / criticize
The Way Of Yahweh
Ask George  
- American Idol  from Tee Morris
- Losing faith  from Systris
- Where do you want to see your success?  from Icepick
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Balticon; Geo's upcoming gigs; Soccergirl Incorporated; the photos from the Geologic Podcast at Balticon 42; the Balticon Podcast's list of photo site contributions; and the Geo performs at the Center for Inquiry's benefit at the Hawk 'n Dove.

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Ms. Information says: Thanks again to Paul Fischer for recording the show and for all his tireless work at Balticon.

Lord Elhaz
over fifteen years ago


I tried my hardest to solve the mystery snack puzzle. I think I got everything except that lumpy chocolaty doughnut thingie...

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago

If memory serves me...

Pink Marshmallows
Oreo Cakesters
Tastycake Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes
Tastycake Creme Filled Buttercreme Cupcake
Pinwheels Chocolate and Marshmallow Cookies

and water.


The sweetness that can kill.

\\\'Twas fun.


fifteen and a half years ago

It was even fun a second time. \\\"Way of Yahweh\\\" is just an awesome skit and I think the \\\"aussie/kiwi-infommercial-huckster\\\" voice is perfect. Hitler == Comedy Gold, \'nuff said.

It was fun watching you and Soccergirl stuff face. Reminded me of Bill Murray in \\\"Groundhog Day\\\"

Lord Elhaz
fifteen and a half years ago

It kinda looks like oreo cakesters, pink marshmallows (where one acquires pink marshmallows I don\'t know), a chocolate cupcake with white frosting and a chocolate stripe, and a lumpy doughnut type snack with a chocolate frosting... this last one has me stumped.

fifteen and a half years ago

Boy, now I feel silly about sending that Scientology story to you the other day. I had no idea you\\\'d already done it at Balticon. In my defense, it\\\'s not like I could\\\'ve ben there, I\\\'m a college student who works at a 7-11. I get to leave Colorado on average once every two and a half years.

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago


For what was going on diring Unforgettable, check out the flicker link Ms.Info put in the show notes.

One word: Entenmanns.



fifteen and a half years ago

Entemanns are lovely, lovely doughnuts and pastries and things. My co-op got their day-old leftovers all the time back in college. Yum.

Brilliant show, Geo! I\'ve missed Mr. McClanahan. I guess it\'s harder to find candidates for that bit than the religious morons bit. A shame.

And ditto on the response to Systris. Nicely done!

fifteen and a half years ago


Heh. Downloading now; looking at the set list makes me drool....

fifteen and a half years ago

What in the name of all that\'s holy were Geo and soccergirl doing while singing \"Unforgettable\"? It probably wasn\\\'t as inappropriate as I assume it was.