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Jul 3, 2008

The Geologic Podcast Presents:
Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table

All 118 Elements

Hydrogen through Ununoctium

What's your favorite?


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Ms. Information has no comment because she's busy trying to choose her favorite...

Chris Sol
almost sixteen years ago

An amazing effort Geo - totally awesome. I have listened through four or five times now. It\\\'s like an extra Hrab album between Hrab albums! I think I laughed the most at Silicon (\\\"Circle of life\\\" :) ) and Chlorine. So many favourites.

But please please please tell me that the Nobelium is an intentional reference to Radiohead!


Chris Sol
almost sixteen years ago

Oh, one more thing: i came out this morning and my two daughters (4 and 7) were going



So well done - a fun and meme with a wonderful side-effect. No more \\\"bless you\\\"s around here :)


John Hattan
over fifteen years ago

Manganese. You are a meme unto yourself. Just ask my seven year-old, who\'s taken to telling it to her buddies at school.

almost sixteen years ago

What kind of fans would we be if we didn\\\'t obsess over every tiny flaw!

almost sixteen years ago

Words escape me, but not nearly as many as have escaped you! This is equal parts genius and curiously troubling (and I mean that in a good way).

My favorite is carbon -- great punch line at the end, and nearly universally appreciable.

You have done Tom Lehrer and all of us geeks proud.

almost sixteen years ago

I just listened to all of this greatness while using my favorite periodic table on the web (an achievment in itself -- My favorite song: Praseodymium.

George Hrab
almost sixteen years ago

Stupid decimals.

6 bucks... sorry.

(Musician, drummer...say no more...)

Thanks for catching that.

And for pointing it out.

And yes... Gadolinium.


I will learn how to read at some point.

Maybe that\\\'ll be a special show of its own.


almost sixteen years ago

Catching up after vacation...

So much fun, it\\\'s hard to decide. I\\\'ll have to split between, Tin, Molybdenum and Seaborgium.

BONUS: The Occasional Songs caused me to look up Glenn Seaborg on Wikipedia. Definitely a scientist worth knowing about. THANKS!

almost sixteen years ago

#64. Isn\\\'t it Gadolinium, not Gandolinium?

Philippa Ballantine
almost sixteen years ago

Had to think about which was my favoUrite- but just because it is autobiographical I pick Lead. No... I did not eat paint chips...

Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago

I\'m really jazzed about this Elemental development. As you can imagine, the ideas are flying fast and furiously around Geologic HQ.

And, Flib- thanks for mentioning that genius Nordine. I\'ve thought prior to this project that there was, unconsciously so, a little of Nordine\'s legacy in the Maestro\'s work at times.

Carrie- thanks for the lyrical link. We\'re going to offer the lyrics in other places, too.

So, Kids, spread the good word about the Periodic Table project, if you\'re so inclined. Thanks, as always, for the support. You\'re the best and we love you lots.

almost sixteen years ago

My favorite... hmmm
Einsteeeeiiinium! Einsteeeeiiinium!
Where have you gone? (al-co-los-al-a-mos???)


Oh, and Silicon. Tee hee.

almost sixteen years ago

This is a work of genius. It\'s reminiscent of Ken Nordine\'s \"Colors\" CD. Originally done under contract for a paint company, Nordine composed a spoken word poem with jazz accompaniment for each of about 20 colors.

almost sixteen years ago

My favorite is Darmstadtium, but only because I, too, was a little slap-happy by the end.

almost sixteen years ago

This was a triumph...

I think Astatine was the funniest, I laughed so hard I inadvertently crossed lanes while driving.

Wha.. My Captcha word is Handleap. Handleap?

almost sixteen years ago

No way I can choose a favorite. They\\\'re all good. Brilliant.

almost sixteen years ago

It\\\'s one thing to do something no one has ever done before. It\\\'s an absolute triumph of wit and music to pull this off with such variety, style and brilliance. This will be a viral favorite on every campus for decades.

almost sixteen years ago

Thorium. Zeppeliney. Nice.

almost sixteen years ago

That was sheer brilliance. I have a degree in chemistry and loved the material. Creativity and chemistry...quite a combo.

Adam Teece
almost sixteen years ago

This should be played in every Chemistry across the U.S.

George Hrab
almost sixteen years ago


Let\\\'s make it happen.

Now how do we do that?...


Ian From BC
almost sixteen years ago

LOL! Helium makes you sound like Geddy Lee
(Rush geekgasm)!