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Jul 17, 2008

The Show Notes

Godfrey's Musikfest Judging
Good players
Not-so-good players
English vs. Murican
Geo's Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics

- "A Billie"
- A San Francisco Adventure
July 4th Stan Freberg Tribute
A reading from notTHE BIBLE
- Genesee: Chapter One
Dr. Damian Handzys Facts That’ll Fuck Y’up
- light as a wave function
Shirts still on sale
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Godfrey Daniels; Musikfest; available Geologic shirts at Flickr; Phil Plait; Philadelphia Funk Authority.

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Have a comment on the show, a Religious Moron tip, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and write to Geo's Mom, too!

Ms. Information reminds 1] that you can find the lyrics for Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table at Geo's blog and 2] do yourself a favor and visit the Bad Astronomer at his new home at Discover Magazine.

over fifteen years ago

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Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago

Gentleman Jack- Thank you for that testimonial, sir. I\'ve heard from the Maestro more than once, \"Hmmm, I\'m not sure how much I have for this week. It might be a short show.\" And I chuckle to myself.

Ms. Info

Eric Hess
almost sixteen years ago

Got one thing that both youse and Stan missed in the skit. Thom Jefferson had originally the Declaration to read \\\"these truths are sacred\\\", and Good \\\'ol Ben changed it to \\\"these truths are self-evident\\\". Heard that on NPR yesterday...

Yeh, I\\\'m a bit late, catching up with the \\\'casts again. Been mighty busy, but lo and behold, I finally found the MP3 player that I got 2 Xmases ago...

Oh yeah, really righteous new segment NOT from the bible.

Genlteman Junky Jack
almost sixteen years ago

How the hell do you do this? I listen to maybe 25 hours of podcasts a week (because I have no life)and your has the most amazingly consistently excellent quality of almost all of them. I know you aren\\\'t perfect all the time, but JEEZ, how do you just do this week after week. I\\\'m a podcaster myself (see it almost kills me to put out an hour a month, and my guests are doing most of the work!

Anyway, I\\\'m amazed.

George Hrab
almost sixteen years ago

Mr. Jack-

Thank you so much.

You just made my day.


...and fuck do I need it.

Thanks. To everyone actually...


almost sixteen years ago

I love the new notThe Bible Segment!
Keep it up!

Genlteman Junky Jack
almost sixteen years ago

Thanks George and I agree with JD, I also loved the \"not The Bible\" segment.