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Aug 22, 2008

The Show Notes

Snorkeling with Sea Lions
Holy crap, we won something!
Religious Morons of the Week

- Ria Ramkissoon  from Patrick Lawrence
- Saudi Arabia's Mutaween Police  from Richard Pierce
- Michael Guglielmucci  from Jason Schmidt
Ask George 
- Cooler than vibraphone?  from Caity in Queensland
- Not-rape is future murder?  from Jake in Hendersonville
- Is Grandma in Heaven?  from Ted H.
- Religious Tracts?  from Chris in Indy
- Surviving the Bible?  from Justin G.
- Pro vs. Amateur Musician?  from Adam B.
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Geo's Dragon*Con schedule; Podcast Peer Awards; Parsec Awards; Phil Plait; the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.

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Ms. Information says: 1] It was wonderful to see the Maestro and Soccergirl again, and not just because of the cool t-shirt they brought me. 2] Geo has 500+ amazing images from the trip and I'm certain we'll post some soon!

P.C. Haring
almost sixteen years ago

Best Religious Moron segment EVER...EVAR.

Geo...You are MY portion!

almost sixteen years ago

Truly some amazing religious moronography this time out. Bravo!

almost sixteen years ago

Dragon*Con scheduling update!

I spoke to Swoopy, and she says \\\"...Podcasting and Skeptics have a wall that we can open up to share the room, and since [Geo\\\'s] show overlaps both then we decided to combine so more people can be in there.\\\"

As a point of reference, the rooms Podcasting and Skeptrack will be using are the same rooms the Singing Tesla Coils were in last year.

Brad Bowyer
almost sixteen years ago

George...tried sending you an email a couple of times, however they all keep getting bounced back to me. Thought it was because of my work\\\'s computer system, but I tried from both my iphone and from home to no avail. (it is possible that someone may have to go and add to your whitelist) Normally I would go ahead and post here in the comments, but on this one.....well I\\\'d rather not. If nothing else I\\\'ll chat you up at Dragon*Con later this week.


almost sixteen years ago

As a member of the Dragon*Con Podcasting Track staff I will try to get in touch with Swoopy to figure this out. My best guess would be that since Derek is in charge of the Skeptic Track, and Swoopy is in charge of the Podcasting Track that they will just combine their powers (making Geo a sort of Skeptical Captain Planet?) to create a Skeptopodacktical Monolith.

You want a REAL scheduling conflict: Phil and Kevin\\\'s: Science of Sci-Fi panel is ALSO at 10pm on Saturday.

George Hrab
almost sixteen years ago

Oh no!

No CarrieP at D-Con?

Seriously... that SO blows...

Bummer doll... bummer.

Who will get all my obscure references?


We\\\'ll miss ya.


almost sixteen years ago

Damn its good to have you back. Will there be any Galapagos pictures anytime soon?
Side note - this article was discussed on the Skeptics Guide
BioMachanics are on the rise!

Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago

There will be photos. We have to comb through the 500+ images and the Maestro will choose a bunch for me to upload. He\\\'s been out of town working all weekend but I\\\'m sure he\\\'ll be working on this very soon.

Ms. Info

almost sixteen years ago

Loved the religious moron this week. I nearly died laughing when you played that song... Oh and your voice is \\\"heavenly\\\" Geo.

almost sixteen years ago

Another great resource for reading the Bible: Asimov\\\'s Guide to the Bible by the late, great Isaac Asimov. He puts the whole thing in its historical and social context, and it\\\'s fascinating. I consider it a must-read for any skeptic with an interest in religion and religious history.

Also great is David Plotz\\\'s Blogging the Bible at Slate. Plotz, a non-practising Jew, decided to finally sit down and read the Torah, and to blog it book by book. A great take on (most of) the Old Testament.

Ted H.
almost sixteen years ago


I just was looking at the DragonCon program, and they have you at two places at once. 10pm Saturday has you doing your live Podcast at the Podcast track, and the 2.5 hour block you mentioned. I\\\'m assuming the one on the skeptics track is where you will be doing the podcast.

almost sixteen years ago

Great sea lion story. I\\\'m looking forward to more Galapagostories...


Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago


Thanks. We\\\'re aware of the double booking since the schedule was emailed to us. We didn\\\'t list the two but combined them on the Upcoming Events page as we suspect the same thing.

Well- we\\\'ll see what happens. If they\\\'re not combined I think the Maestro is going to have to activate that bi-location superpower.

Ms. Info

almost sixteen years ago

Shouldn\\\'t it be \\\"snorkeling\\\"?

Welcome back, Geo! Go get some sleep. Hope you got the puffins.

almost sixteen years ago

Geo, you are our portion! Holy shit, that religious moron slam-dunk smasher (come on, adjectives are fun!)
That was easily the greatest bit on the WHOLE damn podcast!!!
That augmented my already-strong atheism another 100%-fold! You rule! Walter said it!

Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago

Thanks! And amended. I must have had my air supply cut off for a moment to let that mistake surface.

There is a certain box of puffin-y evil sitting in the studio awaiting its fate.

Ms. Info

Ted H.
almost sixteen years ago


Thanks for dealing with a really heavy-duty question. I did appreciate the input. Anyway, can\\\'t wait to see you at DragonCon and talk about more pleasant things.

almost sixteen years ago

Sure. Hob-nobbing with the rich and famous. Well, famous, anyway. OK, famous in very small circles. Still, Phil Plait! He\\\'s like so totally almost famous. Bet it\\\'s all dark glasses and \\\"Lindsay this\\\" and \\\"Paris that\\\" when you\\\'re around him.

Good to have you back.

You know, you have the right idea. I\\\'m a parent and realize I STILL can\\\'t speak with authority on any part of it.

Here\\\'s the issue. At what point do you get to consider your parenting a success?

I will NOT be seeing you at D*C and I am starting to believe that it really blows that I won\\\'t be there.

almost sixteen years ago

OMG I\\\'m crying - that religious moron ending segment was hysterical! Thanks George!