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Aug 28, 2008

The Show Notes

J.C. Hutchins and Obsidian Episode 21
GPS 'effin rocks
Religious Moron Update

- Michael Guglielmucci
History Chunk
Dragon*Con Schedule
T-shirt photos: we want to see you!
Know a filmmaker?
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Obsidian Episode 21 at J.C. Hutchins' site; Obsidian Episode 21 on iTunes; Galapagos images; Guglielmucci; Soccergirl, Incorporated; Junior Skeptic; Geo's Dragon*Con schedule; Parsec Awards; Philadelphia Funk Authority.

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Ms. Information says 1] J.C. Hutchins is truly made of dark, glass-like volcanic awesome. 2] We've posted the first of the Galapagos images with many more to come! 3] Wow- it was cool to hear the old intro. 4] And don't forget to send your gorgeous t-shirted selves to

over fifteen years ago

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almost sixteen years ago

damn...i loved hearing the old intro. weird, i know that one word-for-word! \\\"What in the f**k was that\\\"? Classic.

almost sixteen years ago

Yay, album #6 recording in the fall! Geo, you\\\'re my favorite type of \\\'tainment.


almost sixteen years ago

PS- I always love that \\\"who the hell Dick Cheney\\\" line...


almost sixteen years ago

GPS in the car is fabulous. But people can still screw that up...

My mother calls her GPS by name. She calls it Jill, after the name given to the computerized American English voice in the menu. Jill has replaced me for all her direction needs!

almost sixteen years ago

So, anyone know when you\\\'ve crossed the line from \\\"Healthy obsession\\\" to \\\"addiction\\\"?

Not for me, of course, but I have this friend who\\\'s kind of concerned.

ReCaptcha: Men Forum

almost sixteen years ago

I am so disorganised.
*boogies in seat at work - they are used to me doing weird things with headphones on*

But yes, GPSes are fantastic. Tom and I used my TomTom when we drove down the East coast. Even with a GPS telling us where to go, we still got lost in the New Jersey Turnpike. But it could have been a LOT worse. Took much of the stress out of driving on the right hand side of the road.

Hmmm apparently I cant post comments from behind my work firewall. That is not really great. I lose the comment each time and have to rewrite it.

2-Banks Lupitken: WTF? Recaptcha is VERY special.

almost sixteen years ago

Hah, Carriep! Me first.

Captcha: World Chapel (Another weird)

almost sixteen years ago

The classic intro!! Awesome! Remember, its Internet time, so a classic can be only a couple weeks old.

That intro is practically ancient. Stands up very well like fine aged wine or long absent friend.