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Sep 4, 2008

The Show Notes

Million Dollar Challenge Help
Hanging With Randi et al.
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards

- self surgery guy  from Tom Elliot
- five in the head and one in the stomach guy
Best Dragon*Con Costume
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make With the Good English
- oblige vs. obligated
- oldest vs. eldest  both from Jay Hutchinson
Parsec and Podcast Peer Awards
The Beatnik Turtle guys rule
Live Show Ask George Leftovers
Thanks for hanging out
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Dragon*Con; Phil Plait; Soccergirl, Incorporated; Parsec Awards; Podcast Peer Awards; The Family Icepick; Ironman; Beatnik Turtle; Evo Terra; Derek and Swoopy; Who Dogs the Outlet; Tee Morris; Philippa Ballantine; Encaffeinated from the Weird Show.

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Ms. Information says welcome home, Maestro!

almost sixteen years ago

You should contact Tee to get all your remaining lines for Kubi-Sogi when your voice is already this low.

Gary The Great
almost sixteen years ago

George is great. The \\\"ask George\\\" leftovers were not a made up skit. I was disappointed when he didn\\\'t answer my question at DragonCon, but George constantly amazes me by psychically tuning into my desires, and reading my card along with other in this episode.

almost sixteen years ago

I haven\\\'t listened yet (saving that for the long write to the kids\\\' Ortho appointment). I just want to know if George is going to write a song for the new album called, \\\"Atheist Morals and the Acquisition of Starbucks Cups\\\" :)

Recaptha: Juror Avoid (is this advice?)
I was very amused by... oh, I don\\\'t know ... an anecdote about something like that.

almost sixteen years ago

Just finished the show. Wow! You must have been doin\' some yellin\' last weekend. The skepticism movement is about to snowball, now that the \'Rockstars of Skepticism\' TM are spending time together.

We\'ll need it, if that psycho-nutbitch rides on McCain\'s coffin into the White House.

Posters? What\'s all this about posters.

ReCaptcha: praised author (Sigler? Mur? Geo? Plait? Randi? DAMN! Everybody writes a bloody book)

almost sixteen years ago

Looking taller? Because many of your photos are taken from a beneath angle (is that the good english?). Looking up at you, either on stage or staged photos (HA!)

Thanks for doing self surgery guy.

You really are beginning to hob nob with the superstars!

almost sixteen years ago

Just so\\\'s you know, just in case you\\\'re interested, the thing that\\\'s special about \\\"Straw? No, too stupid a fad: I put soot on warts.\\\" is that it\\\'s a palindrome. It\\\'s a pretty long one, though the current record is 17,826 words, though I think that one\\\'s a bit of a cheat.

Ted H.
almost sixteen years ago

Wrong website George, is the JREF website.

almost sixteen years ago

Yah Dragoncon goodness.

I haven\\\'t listened to it yet, but this should let Carriep carry on commenting.