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Sep 11, 2008

The Show Notes


Live from Dragon*Con 08
This is going to be awful…
Thin stalls
Who needs sleep?
The History Chunk for August 30th

with special guest commentary by Richard Saunders
and PodBlack Cat… "root!"
The Mythbusters and the Moon
Interesting Fauna
 Lytoria Chloris or Red Eyed Tree Frog
Blue Footed Boobie's Mating Ritual
Land and Sea Iguanas
Religious Morons of the Week
- Iris Robinson  from Sion Hughes
- Raymond Clayton Sr.  from Julio in NY
-  from Jake Abernathy
- Todd Bently  from Patrick Lawrence
- David Davis  from Paul Rothrock
- Rubal Sheikh  from Rick Pierce
- Vince Fenech  from J. Congiardo, P. Lawrence, B. Press and A. Lessick
- Mohammed Bello Abubakar  from Arkle
Jesus and Morty Live with help from Sean McCabe as Rachel
Geo steps on his guitar
Ask George  
- How many angels?
- Who does your hair? FROM JAMES FREAKIN’ RANDI!
- Why does sex sell?
- Zappa appreciation?
- Pants or no pants?
- Why does it hurt…?
- What's the worst act on tv?
- What wine goes with the moon?
- Biggest mistake?
- What would you ask an alien? with ass-play dissertation
- How would you die?
- Would you have sex with Sean?
- An insulting question
- How many roads must a man walk down?
- Are those real?
- How awesome is your life?
Maudlin treacly moment of the show
Show close


Geo sends out ridiculously huge, heartfelt thanks to Derek and Swoopy.

Mentioned in the show: Dragon*Con; Soccergirl, Incorporated; Podblack Cat; Flickr images of Geo at the show- thanks to Scott Hurst.

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Have a comment on the show, a Religious Moron tip, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and write to Geo's Mom, too!

Ms. Information says: 1] Yes, I love design humor and Broadcast News; 2] The Maestro with no-pants again? Shocking.

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over fourteen years ago

over fifteen years ago

Hmmm, yes. (In Geo\'s voice)

We don\'t want Jorge to burnout, if he has too many gigs thru the week, how could he put together the usual stellar shows? I made room on the MP3 player and loaded the D*Con show, Geo, even if you said it was awful, it was still a hoot to listen to.

Ms Carrie, I am all caught up again, after veering off for 7th Son. I find that I\\\'ve missed a lot of goodness from the Signal and FFTalk, and I am glad that I don\\\'t have too many more podcasts on the plate. When the Signal first went on the new semi-monthly issue, I pined for it, more than any other. FFTalk took a holiday, but I wasn\\\'t as concerned, I get my FF/Seren news mainly from you fine folks at the Signal. When I need wacky tho, it is this podcast that I yearn for.

You see, I load up the player, and listen while doing remodeling work. Like tomorrow, I\\\'ll be doing a fair amount of painting, and I\\\'ll be listening to \\\"Severance\\\". ;-D In fact, I just finished \\\"Wedding Day\\\".

Anyway, y\\\'all stay shiny, and let Geo fly as he sees fit.

over fifteen years ago

Boy, oh boy, after reading the show notes, I\\\'m glad that I downloaded this show to the desktop. Running out of room on the MP3 player, Geo\\\'s podcast is going to the back seat for the FireflyTalk podcast.

Soooory, I\\\'m catching back up. Got sidetracked and went on hiatus for JCHutchins 7th Son trilogy, and caught the Obsidian ep by Geo and S-Girl. Just as soon as I make room, you\\\'ll be on the MP3 player, prolly by this Sunday.

BTW, now that you\\\'re a veteran of the airwaves, have you considered scaling back and doing the same thing that the Signal did, broadcast your podcast every other week? I mean, we all don\\\'t want you to burn out, plus, there are SO many good podcasts and so little time to take them all in.

IAC, keep flyin\\\' Geo.

over fifteen years ago

What? You want less Geologic? No, I can\\\'t agree with you there. Besides, Geo\\\'s a pro and won\\\'t burn out easily.

Geo, great show, as usual. Sorry I wasn\\\'t there.

over fifteen years ago

Hi! PodblackCat here (who had a psychic message to say that particular word from the lovely Dr Karen Stollznow, who was sitting on the other side of the room during the show and you might remember her from the panel on this video: ).

My site has moved, to Looking forward to more naughty in 2009, was a great show!

Kylie S

Ms. Information
over fifteen years ago

Oh my stars and little comets, you people. We\\\'re not poised at our screens with virtual red pens here at Geologic HQ!

Ms. Info

over fifteen years ago

VIRTUAL RED PEN!? No wonder my screen is so hard to read. Does anyone know how to get ink off of an LCD?

Philippa Ballantine
over fifteen years ago

Sorry to have missed the show Geo, but you know... paying gig ;-) (actually our launch party) Melbourne nice city... in Australia. But the bridge between NZ and Oz makes easy enough for commuting.

over fifteen years ago

You were probably corrected at D*Con, but for those reading, Aussies pronounce Melbourne...
Swallow the ourne. MelBOURNE is in the US Melb\\\'n is in Australia :)

But great as usual Geo.

over fifteen years ago

So, how DO you choose voices for characters? Southern and effeminate for Jesus? That was interesting.

Sound was fine. You should have lended some production talent to the SGU guys. Their live shows are almost impossible to listen to.

over fifteen years ago

Lended? Lended? Am I illiterate, or what? Lent.

over fifteen years ago

I was a great show, and a lot of fun to meet you at D*C. Hope to see you again next year!