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Sep 25, 2008

The Show Notes

Happy Birthday
Dinner: Impossible, Dragon's Den, Top Gear
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

- Pastor Panty Sweat  from Christopher Morse
- The Woman who killed her baby  from Ash Donaldson
- Amish Farmers  from James Blackwell
- Reverend Christopher Layden  from Cian MacMahon
- Losalina Rainima  from Andrew Gold
- Gerald Tapp  from Jonathan Garvin
Words You Don't Hear Anymore
Science Minute
- Memristors and Graphene
Under Par
Apologies to Dokaka: Sweet Dreams
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
- Anatoli Bugorsky
Interesting Fauna
- Martialis Heureka or Ant from Mars
Ask George 
- Missionaries?  from Mike Oliver
- Drumming / Guitar Hero?  from James HGR
- Unitarian Universalism?  from  Fliberty Jib
- Forced Prayer?  from Chuck Donches
PFA Gigs in NY / NJ
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Dokaka; Memristors; Graphene; Philadelphia Funk Authority.

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Ms. Information says the fossil word co-ed occasionally, loves that memristor [or memory resistor] might be a good addition to her lexicon, and wants David to know that, on some subjects, she doesn't give a damn.

almost sixteen years ago

Nothing clever. Just saying some of us do \\\"give a damn!\\\" Awesome show as always.

almost sixteen years ago

Prayer and young kids.

My daughters are quite young (5 and 3). When, my younger daughter saw a reference to \"god\" in a movie (in a funny context), she asked what \"god\" is. I told her it was the way people used to explain events such as rain. She and I agreed that rain comes from clouds. :-)

Witches, monsters, Santa, god -- they are all the same to her.

acomplia online
almost sixteen years ago

Rimonabant is an anorectic anti-obesity drug. It is a CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist. Rimonabant has been found to stop food craving enough to help people lose weight

almost sixteen years ago

Hi Carriep - Interesting, I\\\'ll pass that on - damn! :(
I wonder if it\\\'s a flaw in our system, I\\\'ll tell Richard Saunders... our blog is at and we\\\'ll get moving on feedback when it\\\'s sent there!

Dave Egan
almost sixteen years ago

Finally got round to subscribing after hearing you on the SGU podcast.

Weird thing - I listened to the cast on Monday, to hear George sing \\\'Happy Birthday\\\' which was in fact my birthday! So thanks for the song, and I look forward to more personal songs.

PS - I\\\'m not the David that wrote the email mentioned.

almost sixteen years ago

Thanks, Carriep! I am good friends with the interviewer, Michael McRae and was really proud to hear this show - it incorporates all his hard work at TAM6 and some work he did in Australia.

Oh, hope you catch the show I\\\'m on - we just released Skeptic Zone on - George was great to hang around with at Dragon*Con and I even have footage up of us all, on my YouTube account on \\\'podblackdotcom\\\'. :)

Shaded Spriter
almost sixteen years ago

Hello Geo,

since you have started watching top gear I am going to suggest a few specials for you to watch.

* Winter Olympics Special (All I have to say is Mini Ski-jump.)
* Polar Special (driving a car to the North Pole.)
* Top Gear in America (with the appearance of Fat Stigg (Stigg\\\'s American cousin) and them getting \\\"run out of town\\\" by religious red necks.)

Random top gear facts:

1. You can see the top gear test track on google earth.
2. Top Gear has proved the Mythbusters Wrong - Jet flipping over a car myth.
3. This car is indestructible:

almost sixteen years ago

@Peter Sosna

I like Dan Barker\\\'s instumental, the guy is really talented as a jazz pianist. But you are correct, his original tunes have lyrics that are more fit for Romper Rooom (anyone remember that?)

That being said, I\\\'m a life member of the FFRF and I think Dan and Annie-Laurie do a fantastic job of advocacy for separation of Church and State.

A few months back I even sent them an email suggesting Geo as a guest for the show. I think he would be a real treat for their audience.

almost sixteen years ago

Hello - did George know that his music was JUST broadcast all over Australia?

The show is downloadable there!

Chuck D.
almost sixteen years ago

Thank you for your advice, as it greatly affirms my thinking on the subject.

Professional tip: I do not feel obligated to participate in the prayers and graces said at functions where i am contracted to perform. Hey, I\\\'m there to work, not as a guest. If I have to pray, then I want to put the garter on the slutty bridesmaid\\\'s thigh while drinking as much as I want, too.

\\\"Door hinge\\\"! How long did that take you to cook up? Great!

I may take a crack at the UUC. I considered it a couple years ago, during my rational awakening. Kris and I just had another blow up about the lack of religion in the house, as she\\\'s worried about the kiddies. I\\\'m worried about them too, but because I want to keep them from the clutches of the religulous.

Thanks again.

almost sixteen years ago

Another Top Gear fan! Top Gear\'s TV schedule has been my liturgical calendar for the last couple of years.

\"More powwwwwwer!\"

\"Sweet Dreams\" is like: \"Holy Shit!\"

That\'s what it\'s like.

In other news, listening to the podcast is like inserting a trickle wire into my pleasure center of my brain -- the slackjawed drooling it induces is embarrassing but deeply gratifying nonetheless. So the drive-by twat deserved what he got.

The nice thing about quiet defiance during grace at the dinner table is that sometimes, when your head is held high, you\'ll catch the niece or nephew looking around bored at the same time. Then you can give \'em a wink and add a new mind to The Resistance. =)

reCAPTCHA = \"record Mount\" Sounds like a gold medal for a porn scene.

Ted H.
almost sixteen years ago

I\\\'m reminded of an old Bobcat Goldthwait joke:

\\\"People feel motivated to come up to me at this point of my career and say \\\'I used to like you, you used to be funny.\\\"

\\\"Well, I just met you and you suck.

J. D. Mack
almost sixteen years ago

Here\'s a word you never hear any more - necking. As in, \"we were necking in the back row of the movie theater.\"

almost sixteen years ago

Awesome, AWESOME version of \\\"Sweet Dreams\\\", George! I really couldn\\\'t help but do the bass line right along with you. ;-) And yes, YET another great show this week, mang. Much peace and love...Stan.

Kelly Lawrence
almost sixteen years ago

The worst show you\'ve done since you started podcasting is still ten times better than anything most people could possibly do. Seriously. That gentleman was rude and you were right to say so. I have quoted you endlessly this week. You are a gem.

almost sixteen years ago

So yeah, I just taught myself enough GarageBand to pull Sweet Dreams out of the podcast and onto my iPod, if that tells you anything....

Oh, and reCaptcha drives me batty... (Post attempt 2)

Chris the Fixed Kitty
almost sixteen years ago

Querulous. And thanks for sticking the Eurythmics tune back in my head. It only took 8 days to eject last time... ;)

As far as community goes, I think the idea of going to a churchlike thing for community despite disagreements with their beliefs is less optimal that finding community based on other interests. I find my offline local community in a cooking (mostly eating) club, the No Kidding and other local childfree groups, boardgame buddies, etc. They aren\\\'t all childfree or agnostic, but we can discuss what we do have in common without the event or place itself emphasizing the differences.

Just another thought,

almost sixteen years ago

Jesus Christ! That vocalization was awesome! You need to make a habit out of that.

almost sixteen years ago

George, let me be the 27342nd person to tell you that \"Sweet Dreams\" was full of serious win. Better than the original, IMHO.

I try to bow my head out of respect at family functions (Turkey Day, etc.), elsewhere I just sit there with my finger figuratively up my bum.

It gets awkward when my hyperjudgmental grandmother (who qualifies as a religious moron in her own right) asks me to say grace at Thanksgiving though. I wind up stuck between principle and familial peace. Urgh.

almost sixteen years ago

Wow, Geo is back! The last couple of podcasts sounding like you were tired and rushed prompted me to suggest that you relax the podcast schedule, take time if you need it. I see now that you was just getting warmed up! And, just so\\\'s you know, I\\\'ve nominated you twice for the Entertainment category at PodcastAwards.COM, once each with 2 different email addies.

BTW, I\\\'m a UU myself, Geo. I belong to the temple of two wheels, and riding is best on Sunday when all of the god-fearing peeps are in the pews, not on the road. ;-) But, seriously, being UU gives me an appreciation of all that lives...respect for all forms of life comes from it, for me.

Above all, keep up the shiny work!

almost sixteen years ago

Hi George,

Dime stores have been replaced by dollar stores.

Inflation is a bitch.

Are you an admirer of Todd Rundgren?

almost sixteen years ago

@Peter Sosna

Hahaha... yeah, Dan Barker\\\'s tunes make me cringe... but I love that podcast...


Roger Rotge
almost sixteen years ago

George, that rendition of Eurythmics \\\"Sweet Dreams\\\" was AMAZING! I\\\'m at work and have to risk getting caught on a computer just to tell you that was just WOW! Thank you.

Flibberty Jib
almost sixteen years ago

This was one of the best shows ever, George, and I\'m not just saying that because you took my Unitarian Universalism question. Thanks for weighing in on that.

Count me among those who raise their chin and open their eyes a bit wider than usual during grace.

almost sixteen years ago

Food Network drops \\\'Dinner: Impossible\\\' chef Robert Irvine for lying:

Paul Maki
almost sixteen years ago

Awesome show, nice to hear you finally giving a damn (joke!).

You should totally send the Sweet Dreams track to Brian Ibbott over at Coverville.

almost sixteen years ago

Thanks for another great show George.

almost sixteen years ago

I think the cover of \"Sweet Dreams\" needs to be on your next album. Very cool.

Peter Sosna
almost sixteen years ago

Hello! George,
The last few podcasts, and this one in particular have been just way too good. This last one sounds like you are just caring too much about putting out a quality show! Why don\\\'t you start putting out two or three shows a week! Slap them together really fast so you sound like you don\\\'t give a damn! I think it would really help.

Sheesh! I really like and admire Dan Barker from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, I just don\\\'t like his music, but I would never tell him that! (Have you ever heard it? It\\\'s truly awful)

My favorite word you don\\\'t hear anymore is jabbernowl. I first heard it from W.C Fields in The Bank Dick. If you look up jabbernowl on Google the first six pages are either definitions or references to the Bank Dick. I think we need more people using the word jabbernowl on their web pages.

As for prayers, when ever they are said I politely excuse myself and leave the room. I used to do the same when I would hear God Bless America sung, but then I found out Irving Berlin was an agnostic, so I don\\\'t mind it that much anymore.

almost sixteen years ago

My wife wants me to go to the local UU church. (Which, in Lancaster, is one of the biggest churches in the city.)

George convinced me to at least try it. I didn\\\'t want to go because I didn\\\'t think it was right for me. And I think if I go it will help to keep my wife from taking my daughter to a church where she\\\'ll hear all about how her daddy is going to hell.

Plus if we get her baptized there my wife\\\'s family will finally stop asking about it.

And I\\\'m TOTALLY going to slightly raise my head when others are praying.

almost sixteen years ago

You know, I can\\\'t remember the last time I was stuck surrounded by people praying -- other than weddings and funerals, anyway. For that matter, I can\\\'t remember the last time I saw any overtly religious display outside a church.

Oh, wait -- I do remember one: six people protesting the premiere of Religulous at the Toronto International Film Festival a couple of weeks back. That was just funny.

almost sixteen years ago

Hey, I work in the legal field, so I hear Dictaphone all the time! lol

I think you are being a little rough on Dave man.
Wait a minute. You tried e-mailing him back and it bounced back? Did it say \"Dave\'s not here, man.\"
Tactless? Definitely. Rude? Absolutely. But it sounded like a failed attempt at constructive criticism, not assholery. Benefit of the doubt, ya know? Oh well. Great ep! I loved Sweet Dreams, even though I don\'t like that song that much.

I make it a point not to lower my head when others are praying no matter where I am. At family gatherings whenever anyone instigates group prayer I never lower my head. The other atheist members of my family and I share a quiet joke! I say hold your head high!

In reference to being religious in front of my children, my wife and I have had discussions on this. Though not a church goer, she is more religious than I. I do not plan on hiding my atheism from my son, but I also do not plan on keeping my wife\'s religiosnessism from him. I firmly believe he will have to make that decision on his own.

PS. Peoria was mentioned on the show! Props to the hometown!

almost sixteen years ago

Ahh, the constant culture shift of language.
Words/terms that have fallen to the wayside include:
capris, highball, \'going to the pictures\'

Pleasure meeting you at TAM 6

posty mcposterton
almost sixteen years ago

\\\"David, you are being rude. Stop it.\\\"

My thoughts exactly... I might have gone for four times the money back. ;)

Thanks for the times that you give a damn, George... and even the times you seem like you don\\\'t. :)

ooo... Dokaka reference, too. I

posty mcposterton
almost sixteen years ago

ack... last half got cut off due to bad code...

ooo... Dokaka reference, too. I

posty mcposterton
almost sixteen years ago

double ack... if this one doesn\\\'t work... fuck it...

ooo... Dokaka reference, too. I heart Dokaka. Have you heard Tanya Tagaq? Similar Inuit throat singer (yeah, I know, Dokaka\\\'s Japanese, not Intuit)...

Oh, and Björk\\\'s Medúlla (from 2004) is a full album of (mostly) only voice, featuring both Dokaka, Tagaq, Mike Patton, Rahzel, et cetera...


almost sixteen years ago

Thanks for the drumming answer! I\\\'ll have to try your advice out.

As for words that have fallen out of use... Does anyone use \\\"cinema\\\" any more?

More technology ones: \\\"floppy disc\\\" is almost gone. Anyone remember mimeographs? Dittos?

Radio Free Vestibule\\\'s \\\"Bulbous Bouffant\\\" sketch has a couple of good oens: shindig, hullabaloo. Dungarees wouldn\\\'t be out of place in the sketch.

(BTW, \\\"spade\\\" is still in common use, at least in the SW Ontario area)

Jay P
almost sixteen years ago

George, you\\\'re right, that kind of criticism is rude. There is only one particular situation in which it would be ok to say something like that to somebody.

And that\\\'s if you\\\'re talking to George Lucas.

almost sixteen years ago

I loves me some Top Gear, too. During the episode where they drove across Botswana, who among us cannot say they were cheering \\\"Go Oliver Go!\\\" The BBC is putting out some amazing shows these days. I highly recommend getting ahold of \\\"Life on Mars.\\\"

almost sixteen years ago

Spade (the shovel)

Awesome job on Sweet Dreams. That was really
groovy you hep-cat, you! (we should start using
some of those unused language artifacts)

ReCaptcha: willing hostess (that\\\'s hot)

almost sixteen years ago

I am in a mixed(-up) marriage with a Catholic. I have always been actively passive-aggressive with respect to her and her families faith. I only show up at the Church for weddings.

I think it is perfectly appropriate to be silently defiant. I never participate in grace when with her family and do not bow my head or close my eyes. If possible, I distance myself.

That all being said, my in-laws are lovely people and my mother-in-law stopped asking me to attend church with them after only 15 years of marriage.

Philippa Ballantine
almost sixteen years ago

There\'s nothing like a drive-by insult to really perk a person up. Bah humbug I say. Can\'t wait to hear the new album.

almost sixteen years ago

fucking awesome show once again man.
fuck that hater that told u to take a break, if anything do more more shows,
as for Words You Don\\\'t Hear Anymore, no one says \\\"grovie\\\" anymore, im only 24 but i think people used ot say it alot in the 70\\\'s.