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Oct 16, 2008

The Show Notes

Geologic Horoscopes
Geo HATES music stores
Religious Moron of the week

Tony Alamo  from Jeffrey Pennington and Icepick
"Bring them home!"
Wearing your own name
Let's take some calls
Mortimer calls in again again again more
Atheist Community of Topeka
brainsbodyboth letter
Go see Religulous
Show close


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Ms. Information says: 1] "Thanks, Lee-from-Topeka! It was a pleasure working with you." and 2] That is no exaggeration about the music stores. I've been there. Yikes!

almost fourteen years ago

Anyone know how "Schmidty", the brainsbodyboth letter author, is doing?

almost sixteen years ago

Religulous was a lot of fun -- everyone should go see it and see if we can beat the box office for Ben Stein\'s piece of shit.

Mortimer sounds like a good guy.

I\'ve always been treated nicely in Austin\'s locally-owned music stores -- perhaps my complete lack of musical talent means I\'m not a threat to the inhabitants -- but I have to agree that Guitar Center is a bit soul-sucking. Then again, working retail of any kind sucks mighty, might hard.

Fun show, as always, but --

-- man, that horoscope for Taurus totally nailed me. The brat totally wasn\'t worth it. I\'m going to have to reconsider my opinion about astrology now....

almost sixteen years ago

Great horoscopes... and yeah, I once had to wait 15 minutes to buy a $3 pack of Hearos earplugs at a music store. What is it with them? Do they only hire douche bags?


almost sixteen years ago

I can also sympathize with the pathetic nature of music stores. I even used to work for one. Now I either shop online or go to mom and pop stores. Might pay more but they won\\\'t make me angry. If you\\\'re ever in Wisconsin and you need last minute gear or a damn good cup of coffee look me up.

Love the comment on not wearing your own bands shirt on stage. In fact, this is my first comment and I\\\'ve been listening for a few months. Love the show. As an atheist freethinking musician I seem to be a rare breed. Your podcast is like getting a weekly update from my brother from another mother.

Adam B.
almost sixteen years ago

There used to be a guy at my local music store that had John 3:16-21 (seriously, the whole \\\"begotten son\\\" bit from start to finish) monogrammed on the back window of his minivan. He insisted on calling everyone \\\"brother\\\" and when you left the store he\\\'d say (oh shit, just thinking about it makes me cringe), \\\"Hey brother! I\\\'ll see ya later, and if I don\\\'t see ya later, I\\\'ll see ya in Heaven!\\\"

almost sixteen years ago

Sad to say, GeoLogic did NOT make the finalists of the PCPodcastAwards this year. I saw it among the \\\"Info-Mation\\\" category nominations of the Parsecs, however, good onya.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
almost sixteen years ago

There are a number of times that I almost pipe up, but instead, I scribble notes and hold them in front of the Maestro. Also, this may be the first time I\\\'ve been referred to as sock-sy.

Well, the recaptcha thing happens to me, too. It\\\'s doubly annoying, isn\\\'t it? However, it\\\'s unfortunately necessary.

This comment paid for by Wow Gold.

Ms. Info

almost sixteen years ago

For those of us that are game geeks and not musicians, the Guitar Center scenario is pretty much exactly what it\\\'s like to go into a GameStop or GameCrazy or whatever your local video game store is called.

High School burnouts who think they\\\'re better than everyone because they talk video games 24/7.

I could skool any one of their asses at Mario Kart.

Also, when George couldn\\\'t think of the word epitaph I was pretty close to screaming it out at work know...gravestones....lolz

(my reCaptcha is \\\"toilet officials\\\")

almost sixteen years ago

My stars, Geo, you really DID miss us! Very SHINY to have you back in your normal mode! Cheers to another stellar podcast, and yeah, I am one of those having to do sans video...

almost sixteen years ago

Boy, we were SOOO close to actually have Ms Information on the show. Like three times.

We always crave what we can\\\'t have. Right? I was once at a strip club (by accident, I was lost) and the charming young lady was dancing entirely nude. Well, except for her socks since the floor was cold. Guys were tossing 5\\\'s and 10\\\'s at her to take off her socks. Seriously, her socks.

Not to compare Ms. I\\\' to stripper socks or feet. It was just an example.

almost sixteen years ago

The whole mike stand true. I used to think I was getting a great deal when I bought them 4 for $100. What I got was 4 crappy stands that broke within a few months. Argh!
As to the whole \\\"wearing your own band shirt\\\" thing...I once saw Roy Clark in the airport and he was wearing a hat with his name on it. Strange.
Great show.

Philippa Ballantine
almost sixteen years ago

Really? Was it already a year ago you had to \'Shit now\'? Ah how time flys. Sweet, sweet memories.
We have a Rock Shop here in Wellington, and I noticed the leather bracelet crowd have been very nice to me. Though there is a lot \'sweet as bro\' which is the kiwi version of \'oh wow man...\'

Brent Weichsel
almost sixteen years ago

Forget Guitar Center, I\\\'ve never had a good experience at them. come to think of it any audio supply store has been helpful or knows what they are talking about.

almost sixteen years ago

And wouldn\\\'t it be more correct to say that they stand behind the lectern?

almost sixteen years ago

Carriep you took too long saying Hurray to MsInformation. :)

almost sixteen years ago

Sounds like the Dave Phillips on Union...but, maybe it\\\'s just me. Great show this week, mang. Peace...Stan. p.s. My ReCaptcha this time: \"incidental river\"...nice.