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Oct 23, 2008

The Show Notes

Ask George 

- Thanking god?  from Danny Z
- College Mentality?  from Zach Nereim
- ZPZ vs. Kenny G?  from Steve Welsh
- Songwriting?  from Cassanova
- Would you like to dance?  from Ashley H.
- Saying Amen?  from Guy Dresher
- Rush and Floyd?  from Brian "No E" Mahony
- What's the hurry?  from Sarah B.
- When does the show start?  from Kurt W.
Cosmic Balance Sheet
Car Inspection
U.S.A! U.S.A!
- The Book of Matt, can I call you Matt? Oh Sorry- Matthew
- Chapter 5- The Mounting Sermon
Geo's Sweet Dreams on Coverville
Frame by Frame
Religious Moron of the Week
- Hank St. Denis et al.  from Jared Congiardo
- Sheikh al Munajid  from Chuck Brodeur
Geologic Podcast's Horoscopes
Happy Birthday, Tee
Phil Plait's Book: Death from the Skies
Show close


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Mentioned in the show: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid on Al-Majd TV: Mickey Mouse Must Die; Tee Morris; Tee's MOREVI Podcast; Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer; Sweet Dreams on Coverville Episode 517.

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Ms. Information says: 1] Congratulations to the celestial Dr. Plait, and 2] I want to add my best wishes to the Maestro's: Happy Birthday, Thomas Earl Morris on a landmark 40 years!

almost fifteen years ago


almost fifteen years ago


Mark A. Siefert
fifteen and a half years ago

Why do right-wingers shout \\\"U-S-A\\\" at their little rallies?

Because shouting \\\"Sieg Heil\\\" would be a little too obvious.

Thanks for Frame by Frame
fifteen and a half years ago

I love the song and your version, while I have never been big on Eurythmics.

Would an MP3 be possible?


fifteen and a half years ago

Lovely show. \"What\'s the Hurry\" put a lump in my throat.

So on a related topic, I think Geo should check out this thread at Skepchick, where he\'s in hot contention for being the sexiest skeptic alive. =)

fifteen and a half years ago

I am a huge proponent of doing away with nations and the nationalism that it fodders! Thanks for the comments regarding the stupidity of nationalism.

Go Earth! Down with the Martians; those smarmy bastards!

fifteen and a half years ago

Great edition of the \\\'cast. The Religious Morons (not always my favorite part (I should avoid parenthetical asides (especially recursive ones))) were especially entertaining.

fifteen and a half years ago

Since others are weighing in on the subject of Rush / Pink Floyd:

When I was a kid, my favorite Rush albums were from the early period, including the eponymous album, Fly By Night, and Caress of Steel. Today I gravitate more toward the late 70s / early 80s period. My favorite Rush album is probably Moving Pictures, but Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are strong offerings as well. At one time, 2112 was my favorite Rush album, but because I overplayed it so much, I can\'t feel much emotion when I hear it now. At the time, I was greatly disappointed in the increased use of synthesizers and change in vocal styling in Signals and later albums, and I declared Rush to be dead to me, post Moving Pictures. But today I can see greatness in those works.

My favorite Pink Floyd era is the early-post-Sid Barrett period, with albums like Ummagumma, More, and Meddle being very important to me. The long, indulgent psychedelic pieces like \"Carefule With That Axe, Eugene\", \"Echoes\", and \"Astronomy Domine\" could never be pulled off by most bands, but Pink Floyd really make them work. I used to be into the mid-70s period, with Animals and Wish You Were Here being high on my list, but when I want to listen to Pink Floyd today, I find myself reaching for the old stuff. Sorry to end on a negative note, but I think one of the most overrated albums of all time is Dark Side of the Moon.

fifteen and a half years ago

@Flib... yeah, I love Dark Side, but it\\\'s maybe #8 on my PF list. :) The Wall, too... not in the top, IMO.


Joel Birch
fifteen and a half years ago

Hi George,

Thanks for an amazing podcast, as always, but particularly, well, every single one of them.

Your response to Sarah\'s question took me so off guard. It was such a special moment for me. You eased into it in such a way that made my hair stand on end as I realised where you were going with it, and then kept me transfixed with the beautiful melody and heart-felt lyrics. You really struck a nerve with me, Geo - I can truly relate with the sentiment. Thanks for bringing a slight tear to my cynical eye and a rare warmth to my cooling heart.

Hope things pick up for you soon.
Love and respect.
Joel Birch.

Brian \\\"No E\\\" Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago

ms. info-

sorry for the\\\'s a pet peeve of mine, but i now have THE COOLEST NICKNAME EVER!!!

everything i send is gonna have that in it!

btw recaptcha: Platt can....well Oliver Platt can act....i mean i love Ready to Rumble! :D

there was an error

new recaptcha: idaho baths-bet they\'re starchy!!

ahh...nothin like a potato reference P:

fifteen and a half years ago

I just got Death from the Skies as well. So far it\\\'s great fun.

Derek Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

Still listening. Just up to Religious Moron...

I just had to say, that music, Frame by Frame?


fifteen and a half years ago

Ah. King Crimson. That was my gut reaction but I doubted myself.
Good job.

reCAPTCHA - professor\\\'s Tighe

Hey - this reCAPTCHA game is fun!

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

Brian, my darlin\\\'-


Ms. Info

ps Recaptcha: May winds
[And all this time I thought it was March...]

fifteen and a half years ago

Nice to see someone else puts Animals at the top of the list -- I was starting to think I was the only one! Favourite songs: \\\"Shine On\\\" (that four note phrase always gives me chills), \\\"Echoes\\\", \\\"Great Gig in the Sky\\\", and, of course, the four Animal songs.

You know, the \\\"doo-doot doo-doot doo-doo-doo\\\" bits leading in and out on \\\"Frame by Frame\\\" make it sound just like some really early Philip Glass, like \\\"Ave\\\" from North Star or some of the Music in Twelve Parts.

As for children collaborating with their late parents, one spectacular example of a case that should never have happened is Brian Herbert\\\'s Dune sequels. The junior Herbert took everything that made Dune what it was -- the intrigue, the world-building, the philosophy -- and scrapped it in favour of airport-book-store level sci-fi hackery.

Ah well.

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

Geo, thank you. This was a tip-top qual-show. Pah-nomenal. I about Dokaka\\\'d my pants with \\\"Frame by Frame.\\\" notBible & the Horroscope are also great segments... as usual.

Re: ZPZ/Nat & KennyG... totally agreed. The whole \\\"from the loins of the master\\\" gives you much more room to do covers/duets. Kenny G should only be able to do duets with port-a-potties. His Christmas album (Happy Birthday Jesus, I Hope You Like Crap) is rubbish.

Re: Rush/Floyd... I wanna play. My first Rush was Roll the Bones (eh... it was high school when released). My favorite album... I don\\\'t know (I\\\'m not into Rush, much). I saw them on a tour in 1996 when they played 2112. Pretty rad. Favorite song... \\\"YYZ\\\" or \\\"Malignant Narcissism.\\\" So, instrumental songs...

My first Pink Floyd was Division Bell (eh... I was in college when released and I was getting into \\\"prog\\\"). Favorite albums: Meddle, Ummagumma, Animals, and Wish You Were Here. Favorite songs... \\\"Comfortably Numb\\\" and \\\"Shine On You Crazy Diamond\\\" and \\\"Echoes\\\" and \\\"Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict\\\" (because it reminds me of something Mr. Bungle or Oingo Boingo would do). :-)


fifteen and a half years ago

I feel like I should know the follow up to \\\"Sweet Dreams\\\" but I can\\\'t place it.
Favorite Rush album: Farewell to Kings
Favorite Pink Floyd: Animals
Have you heard Col. Les Claypool\\\'s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade\\\'s (whew) cover of Animals in its entirety? I like it. You may not be a Claypool fan. Just checking.

With a name like that, no wonder they\\\'re alone.

Brian Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago


*gasp* *gasp*

my last name has no e in it...the bastard spell checker auto corrects it as that because apparently the correct spelling of it, but my family uses it sans E that\\\'s out of the way...

i was so tempted to fast forward thru the first six questions to get to mine :D

i did\\\'nt though...really...

hearing you say my name is SO FUCKING AWSOME!!!!

thanks for anwering my questions...oooh! i have an enormus amount of heterosexual man love for you....*cough*


PS: reCAPTCHA- Garret Drake: a metal detector compay and a company and the name of a university... :D

fifteen and a half years ago

There are many reactions I expect from a Geologic Podcast. \\\"Huh?\\\" \\\"No!\\\" \\\"HA!\\\" \\\"You Bastards!\\\"

Choked up and near tears, came out of nowhere. That was a very sweet song.

We\\\'re all in different situations in our lives,
but we all feel the relentless tug of the river
of time. I think the question has to be whether
you\\\'re paddling or just drifting along. You,
my friend, are definitely paddling.

ReCaptcha: If Plant
I can\'t help but wonder the message. Maybe it
means, \"If Robert Plant can embrace Country Music...\" Nah.