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Dec 11, 2008

The Show Notes:

ketchup packets
YES concert comment
setting up the tree
Religious Moron Update

- Larry Langford  from W. Barry Kelly
Bear Grylls Update
- sent in by Kernan
The History Chunk
Phil’s Message
The Geologic Podcast's Horror-Scopes
Ask George
- Stevie Wonder and Ringo?  from Andrew Wilson
- 1st LP?  from Lowell in Ohio
- Emotional Songs?  from Marissa in NY
- Saying Grace?  from Richard Champalbert
Cool-ass Tee Shirts
Geo's JREF article: On Superstition
Musica Sacra this Saturday in Boston
show close


Mentioned in the show: Geologic HQ holiday green thing; Newtonian celebration close-upBear Grylls; Yes live at Mohegan Sun; Dr. Plait; Eleven Thirty Four; Musica Sacra; Hoodwinked; Philadelphia Funk Authority; Geo's Superstition essay.

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Ms. Information says: The studio has a festive rosemary tree, thanks to the Maestro!

over fifteen years ago

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fifteen and a half years ago

Right on, Icelander. Streetlight Manifesto is awesome!

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago


How lovely! My best to you and your beautiful wife.

I tried contacting you through your site but couldn\\\'t. Please drop me a line and I\\\'ll pass it on to the Maestro. [donna at geologicrecords dot com]

Ms. Info

fifteen and a half years ago

It was interesting to hear someone else talk about Five Iron Frenzy. They\\\'re the only Christian band I\\\'ve found that doesn\\\'t suck. And I get that religious twinge from one of their songs, \\\"See the Flames Begin to Crawl,\\\" which is probably about heathens like me burning hell.

But if you\\\'re looking for some good, atheist ska music, I highly recommend Streetlight Manifesto\\\'s album \\\"Somewhere in the Between.\\\" It\\\'s got songs with titles like \\\"Down, Down, Down to Mephisto\\\'s Cafe\\\" and \\\"The Blond Lead the Blind\\\" and lines like \\\"How will we fight if all we have is logic and love on our side?\\\" Not to mention some great musicianship.

Henk from Canada
fifteen and a half years ago

huh, my email problems were due to my email signature I guess, which contains a link.

Sean P.
fifteen and a half years ago

33:25 - Religious \\\"experiments\\\"?

fifteen and a half years ago

For those who were looking for a completely secular meal blessing here is one that I wrote somewhat in self defense. I have used it several times and it has been well received. Please feel free to use or adapt as necessary -

Meal Blessing

Blessed are the fires of the sun which give their light and warmth freely to the Earth.
Blessed is the Earth which upholds sea and soil, the wellsprings of abundance.
Blessed are the falling rains which quench the thirsty fields and renew the sea.
Blessed are the farmers and the fishermen who toil so that we here might share the bounty of our world.
Blessed are we to receive these gifts born of sun, soil, water and labor.
We honor them by striving to be as they are:
- To be as the sun, bringing light to the darkness and heat to the shivering.
- To be as the rains, quenching that which is parched and barren.
- To be as the soil, nurturing of life.
- To be as the farmers and the fishermen, working to share the wealth of the Earth with all who dwell here.

Henk from Canada
fifteen and a half years ago

George, how did you know?

Are you clairvoyant?

Holy shit brother, you are right on the money.

I am a Pisces. I just listened to #94 today. All I can say is that, although not perfect, a liberal dose of Coca Cola helped me with that taste today, not that it was a bad taste, lucky me (TMI). Oh, and I also got a massage today.

p.s. I tried to email you but everything I sent was blocked, apparently for spam content. I can\\\'t even get spam in my grocery store. You are probably just blocking me. I would too.

fifteen and a half years ago

Once again, you\\\'ve reached into the inner depths of my thoughts and expressed them more eloquently than I ever could. Your essay On Superstition is SPOT ON. It\\\'s going to be this year\\\'s stocking stuffer for many friends and relatives.

Thank you so much.

BTW, Darwin, Newton and Halley all said hello. :)

fifteen and a half years ago

Indeed. I am not sure if he is into John Lennon\'s work because of his messages or because of his musical talent. Oh well!
I really hope I don\'t sound bitter! I actually feel quite fortunate to have grown up in a household where The Beatles would often rattle the windows! Even if I had to put with a little Sunday school!
Also how come the re-captcha never works on the first try! lol

fifteen and a half years ago

You had me at \\\"snake coiffed babes\\\". MMmmmm Natassia Kinski.. wrowr! :)

The article from Swift was great, a hearty, I second that!

Hoodwinked sounds great, I\\\'ll check it out. I recently attended a similar show sponsored by the CFI in DC called 86 Minutes to ponder with Rick Maue and David London. It was brilliant and had a VERY Skeptical theme. Rick Maue\\\'s segment was called \\\"Psychic Phenomena and Other Lies\\\".

fifteen and a half years ago

In my family, we have always mixed dry French onion soup into our burgers...the kind that comes in the\\\'s mostly salt and...well...onion.....


fifteen and a half years ago

Haven\'t listend to the new episode yet, saving it for the bus to school tomorrow. I did, however, want to point out something cool that I listened to today. I was listening to the newest episode of American Freethought, in which they were listing their top five christmas gift ideas for atheists. I was pleasantly surprised when John Snyder listed in his top five (top 2, it may have been) the entire George Hrab discography. He then went on to pimp the show and George\\\'s music for a minute. They\\\'ve talked about him before, after DragonCon, but this was great. George, I don\\\'t know if you listen to American Freethought, but I thought you might like to hear about this. Happy Festivus.

fifteen and a half years ago

Interesting stuff about Ringo.
My dad is quite an avid Beatles Fan(my middle name is Lennon) and he usually describes Ringo\'s skills as \'adequate.\' Then again he is not a drummer. He also preaches at his church.
I often wonder how he can be such a devout Christian, yet hold John Lennon in such high regard.
Your \'On Superstition\' was just wonderfully creamy. Kudos.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago


I\\\'m not sure what the Maestro would say here, but I think that many people are able to compartmentalize. Maybe that\\\'s how your father is able to keep things separate.

Ms. Info

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

Oh it\\\'s REAL complex.

You might say... the secret ingredient... is...


It\\\'s a VERY obscure spice that I\\\'ve managed to stockpile.

Ummm... yes.

Salt. Pepper. Cast Iron Pan.

Smoke filled condo. Simple.



fifteen and a half years ago

Here is a quick one I use!
I use ground chuck.
Saute up some onions and green peppers and mix them up in the meet.
Mix an egg in also, I find that it helps hold the meet together.
My wife and son seem to like them!
You can add garlic if you want. Are you a fan of garlic?
I do not own a cast iron pan. I think I might raid my grandma\'s kitchen. I am sure she has some pre-great depression pottery!

ReCaptcha: value Penitentiary
Something about my recently arrested governor? Gotta love Illinois politics!

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

I cant believe I\\\'m chiming in as the thing I make most often would be a reservation. I have, however, witnessed the awesomeness that is the Maestro\\\'s culinary skill.

Cast iron skillets- especially small ones- are surprisingly inexpensive.

As for eggs in ground beef- that method has been handed down from my great-grandmother in making meatballs.


-Ms. Info

fifteen and a half years ago

Yay first comment! Downloading now!