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Apr 11, 2007

The show notes:
Brief intro
Good Friday at Godfrey Daniels, Act II
Intermission's Over
The Complete History of the Universe (abridged)

-Big Bang to the iPhone in 9 minutes
The Age of the Fern
The Police, J.P., Chuck, more...
Out of My Mind
-Dear Helene
She Suffers from Superlatives
How Do You Do
-Rabid Dogma
Dear God
Think for Yourself
I'm Ukrainian
-I Hate Ukrainians
The Assumption
The Galaxy Song


Things you might want to know: The show took place at Godfrey Daniels. View pictures from the show at Diane Richter Photography. Check out Slau's music.

Visit the rest of George's sites: the blog, website, flickr, and myspace page.

Want a copy of "Non-Coloring Book"? VERY Limited First Edition available. Send George an email at for pricing and availability.

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