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Sep 26, 2007

The Show Notes:

NEW Intro (oooh!)
Ordering noodles at Sogo with Ms. Information
Religious Moron of the Week

- Church of God Choir, from Springfield, Ohio
manganese is...
Future Geo interrupts
manganese is Mn not Mg
- morals- Maria from Flickr
- Stephen Fry, childhood books,
  fundamentalism- Marvin from...

Sep 19, 2007

The Show Notes:

Dave Jackson interview available
Jon Stewart gets bleeped
America (The Book) as poly sci textbook
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make with the Good English

- my girlfriend eats more than me
- penultimate  - both sent in by Scott Maxwell
Geo dies and goes to heaven
Ask George
- sneeze query from David...

Sep 14, 2007

The Very Best of the Geologic Podcast (so far...)


The Geologic Podcast Mission Statement - from show 20

In the Wee Wee Hours - from show 11

NYETFLIX - from show 15

Antiques Roadshow - from show 12

"I Want To be Free" with the Ohio Players - from show 4

Grandma Hums the Classics while Rolling Dough - from...

Sep 12, 2007

The Show Notes:

"Best Of" show coming up later this week

- meeting Soccergirl
- geology talk
- accents at the party
Gay or Southern?
Non-Coloring Book now online
Watching a walrus orgy
300 Pounds
Geo's Mom Reads JayZ Lyrics
- Friend or Foe '98
Ask George
- Life... worth dying for? from Icepick

Sep 5, 2007

Special LIVE edition from Dragon*Con

Geo’s quick intro and 'splaining about Show 30

SHOW 30:
Live Intro
Brush with Famousness
Grandma's Entertainment Report

- Jessica Alba, Mike Myers
- Chris Noth
- Sex in the City
- Joe Mantegna
So... Where Ya Callin' From? with Uncle Thaddeus
- Staeptinpü, Finland
- [interrupted...