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Sep 16, 2010

The Show Notes

A stupidly long Dragon*Con story. Well two, actually.
Chicago thanks to Jennifer Newport, Jeff Wagg
Mike’s Blog: The Approvalholic
History Chunk for September 16th
Pawn Stars
Guy sitting in a cave complaining
Religious Morons of the Week
     - God phone call guy from Derek Grahm
     - Jali Mateyu from Heather Van De Sande
     - Murray Alexander Moffat from Chad Walker
Skepticamp DC
Show close


Mentioned in the Show
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Mike’s Blog: The Approvalholic

Skepticamp DC


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Ms. Information sez "Hey, Chicago skeptics, next time I'm totally there!"


Jason Smith
thirteen and a half years ago

Awesome story about Dragon*Con. Don't you find it amazing that some of us would feel that you rubbing YOUR butt on our arm was a story worth telling to others? I mean... um... not me, exactly... I mean... er... *shifts eyeballs back and forth uncomfortably and slowly slides out of room*

thirteen and a half years ago

So let me get this straight. You (practically) had Deanna Troi in your lap shouting "FUCK ME". Congrats on living out the wet dream of every teenage male who has ever watched ST:TNG.

Ben and Kate
almost fourteen years ago

Geo: You were great in Chicago (both days)! We decided that you give the best hugs ever. We were both bummed that we couldn't hang out longer and talk about MST3K, but there's always next time. Anyway, you are awesome! Keep an eye on that practice squirrel; if he gets out of fold, let us know so we can send you a new one. Also, let us know if there are any other animals that you would like in paper form. Kate's origami hands are itching to create!

almost fourteen years ago

Thanks for pimping our Skepticamp! Should be a fine day of skepticism, we've got some great talks registered.


almost fourteen years ago

Time to patch that suit jacket. All that elbow rubbing has got to take a toll.

BTW. You ever need an entourage, give me a call.
I've been practicing.

"Yes sir, Mr. Hrab, your diet coke is on the way."

"I'm with George Hrab. You really don't expect him to wait for a table, do you?"

"Excuse me, your presence is offensive to Mr. Hrab. Please make yourself NOT."

"No, that is not that washed up hack Patrick Stewart. That is Mr. George Hrab. Did you really ask me George Who?"