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Jun 2, 2011

Triologic performs Death From The Skies at Balticon 2011 with Evo Terra sitting in for Dr. Phil Plait on vocals. From left: Geo, Eric, Evo, Vinnie.


The Show Notes

Cool venue in York, PA
Balticon, Birthday, Icehouse
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Jan Eastgate from Richard Lane
     - Pastor Burning Villagers from Bruce Press
Sands Casino / Garage
Mortimer calls the show like he’s prone to
The History Chunk for June 1st
S’more thanks
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Valencia Ballroom in York, Pennsylvania

The parking deck death at the Sands Casino


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Ms. Information sez, "Thanks to all for attending GeologiCon on Friday!"

almost thirteen years ago

Shoot me with a fucking elephant gun. "Big Time."

Greg Dorais
almost thirteen years ago

Icehouse show! YAY!
With the Ultra Geologic Orchestra! Double YAY!

Would you consider inviting the brilliant and spacey (but in a good way) Phil Plait to the gig for another performance of Death From The Skies?

·¨·..·¨·..· Greg ·¨·..·¨·..·

almost thirteen years ago

Loved, loved LOVED the Sledgehammer cover.

Anne Marie
almost thirteen years ago

Oh well, at least I got to meet you and Ms. Information and witness podcast 216-A. And dance with an umbrella! (:

George Hrab
almost thirteen years ago

That was a small glitch. All she be right now. You can re-download the show from iTunes if you like. Sorry for the confusion! Thanks-


almost thirteen years ago

Hey Geo, love the show. It appears that the latest podcast cuts off after 11 minutes. I downloaded from iTunes.