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Jun 9, 2011


The Show Notes

Catch Geo where you can
Syracuse, Bolling Night, avec PFA
Turning 40
Thanks to everyone!
The dark side of 40
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

CNY Skeptics
Al's Whiskey and Wine Bar, Armory Square

Satori Bolling Night at
the Allentown Symphony

Philadelphia Funk Authority


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Ms. Information sez, "Mno hayalita, Maestro!"

almost thirteen years ago

Bit of a lurker and don't ever comment, but bloody hell mate that was some unbelievable tweedling (as mentioned before). way you faded into it from your intro and did the WHOLE album! I was sure you were gonna stop at the first song, then Money, and so on till the end.

Definately keeping this one on the pod for some re-listens!

Cheers from Oz!

almost thirteen years ago

Geo, can we have a separate file with the DSotM tracks, or does that make things difficult with copyrights etc? Thanks for the twiddling effort - it sure made my day!

Octavio Valdés
almost thirteen years ago

Whouldn't be cool that instead of synching to "The Wizard of Oz" this version synched to "200 Motels"?

Great Job Maestro

almost thirteen years ago

George! WOW!
Happy Birthday, and thanks for making my day with that performance :)

Cold Desert
almost thirteen years ago

That's "Tweedling"?! Wow.

I just downloaded the digital version of Dark Side and listened to it several times driving through Colorado. This cover is absolutely awesome. Excellent work George.


Ben Johnson
almost thirteen years ago

Thanks Geo! I can't add much to what Chris Sol said.

Not sure how much you are into Floyd covers, but if you can find it WrathChild America does a wicked metal version of Time I'd recommend. (I can't recommend anything else by them though)

Kevin Wakley
almost thirteen years ago

Hi George,
Loved the show, as usual! At the beginning I was sure I recognised the piece, but couldn't place it. As soon as the scream faded in a big broad smile spread across my face!

Towards the end I was starting to get worried. The normal outtro would completely distroy the feeling. I guess you realised that too.

Once again you've really earned the title of Maestro!

Happy Birthday once again!

almost thirteen years ago

You are insane. This was great.

Chris Sol
almost thirteen years ago

Geo, you are a Freaking, F*&KING, LEGEND!

It took me about 5 seconds to recognise what your "piece" was. No wonder it took you a year to work out.

Thanks again, for all you do.


Larry Slosberg
almost thirteen years ago


We are excited to have you visit and perform for our Skeptics in the Pub on June 14.

almost thirteen years ago

Turning 40 didn't bother me, either. I felt fine, life was good, no problems....

Within two months... I had blown my Achilles tendon playing football with the boyscouts and found out I have an abnormal ekg. In the next two years had more surgery and a trip to the ER.

Warning: Anecdotes are no substitution for actual life experiences. Your continued health and success may not be in jeopardy. If any of these conditions should change, please consult your physician.