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Sep 1, 2011

The Show Notes

Go get Captain Disillusion’s DVD already.
Pre-Dragon*Con excitement
Slau demolishes his studio
Religious Morons of the Week
     - Dale Richardson from Zachary Miner
     - Pastor Mike from Erik Smith
Ask George 
     - Time signatures? from Etienne
     - Floyd Oz and 50th Birthday? from Greg B
     - Drumming in the back? from Tom C
     - Classical music? from Sarah
     - Legos? from Jake in New Mexico
See you at Dragon*Con
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Mentioned in the Show

Captain Disillusion

Slau's Studio Demolition

From Ms. Information:
Large Numbers


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Ms. Information sez, "I would like to see 'skabillion' as a large number name."

twelve and a half years ago

Oh I'm playing podcast catch-up.... yeah, just want to say that many people id Lynchburg would surely be happy to see Liberty University go.

JC Lueng
twelve and a half years ago

Questions for the show: I saw the DragonCon closing panel with Joe Nickell's rant and Margaret Downy's skepticism-lite-big-fun-festival-convention ideas - what were your thoughts? You were laughing throughout it with Desiree Schell and Rebecca Watson, so maybe it wasn't as uncomfortable and awkward (& kind of embarrassing.....) for you all as it was for me.

Secondly: Are you doing QEDCon or the Global Atheist Convetion in 2012??

twelve and a half years ago

Regarding the ongoing discussions associated with time signatures, I thought you might appreciate this Wikipedia article:

Cold Desert
twelve and a half years ago

Thanks for the enthuiastic discussion of classical music. Your ethusiasm made me revisit some of my classical music collection some of which I have not listened to in at least ten years.


twelve and a half years ago

I would like to see 'godzillian' become the largest number name. That's right, largest. Mathematicians would be prohibited (by law) from counting any higher than into the godzillians. They'll whine about it, but come on. Enough is enough.

Also, minor point: As one of the examples of Captain Disillusion's debunking efforts, you included Derren Brown's lotto number pick. You probably know this, but he's never claimed to do these tricks by any supernatural power, and as a matter of fact, very actively denounces those who claim to have psychic powers. He's very much 'one of us'. From the podcast, you might have unintentionally left the impression that he was one of the many that needs to be debunked.

twelve and a half years ago

It's not movie but "sharks robbing banks" is actually the current storyline of the ROCK MANLYFIST webcomic.

Maybe Captain Disillusion can figure out if it's real.