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Mar 22, 2012

The Show Notes

John Carter [spoilers]
James Bond’s Clothes
Ask George 
     - Type of stereo? from Andrew
     - Baby Baptism? from Cameron
     - Music repetition? from Charlie
     - Working with Jim Carey? from Possibly Props
     - Bassist's responsibility? from Cory
     - Vocal takes? from Zachary
     - Christianity a hate group? from Jim
     - Skeptical designers? from Daryl G.
TAM Registration Now Open
Some upcoming gigs
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Ms. Info sez, "I just used the word deevd without thinking. My days of saying DVD are apparently over."


Daryl Gubler
over twelve years ago

This is the Daryl from the Episode. I've set up a forum at for anyone who wants to talk about this idea to signup for (I've got "approve membership" turned on to try and stop spammers form joining in and ruining the forum) and start talking about this.
If you have any questions or comments you want to send my way directly, you can email me at

Greg Dorais
over twelve years ago

> Ms. Info sez, "I just used the word deevd
> without thinking. My days of saying DVD are
> apparently over."

I thought I was the only one doing that. :)

over twelve years ago

I'm a web developer and designer, I would be happy to participate in Daryl's project. I guess we need a place where we can all organize and talk about it more.

Sweetknuckle Junction
over twelve years ago

Regarding Daryl's skeptical designers question, I'd suggest starting a group on Atheist Nexus to bring all of the designers and potential clients together.

Adam Bourque
over twelve years ago

Michigan Skeptics will be happy to donate web space for such a design/creative resource project.

Please contact us using our contact form:

over twelve years ago seems to be close to what Daryl G. described in his e-mail, but it is not a skeptically themed website.

Here's the short description from the site's founder, Chris Hardwick: "The Node is the official Nerdist community. It is a collaboration network for creators to nerdsource (crowdsourcing with nerds) and exchange ideas. We share photos, links, videos, and pretty much let our nerd flags fly."

over twelve years ago

@Erik and @Rob McD - I agree wholeheartedly. There is a sort of Facebook for Atheists where we could start a group for free - called Atheist Nexus ( - it's where all the cool kids hang out (so you've probably heard of it).

Whaddaya saaayyyy???

Ken Larson
over twelve years ago

I've never thought of you as James Bond, but I think that you could pass for a James Bond Villan.


over twelve years ago

Excellent show, as usual. And I hope you don't mind, but I transcribed a part of your response from around 48 minutes into the show regarding viewing Christians as a hate group. It just rang too true for other communities, and I had to share it (and a link to the actual episode). I've posted it to my Google+ (which you don't seem to have) so, if you have an issue with it, please let me know.

Can be seen here:

Rob McD
over twelve years ago

I was thinking along the same lines as Erik. A website listing people with specific talents who are available to help with skeptical projects would be a great idea I think. Photographers, musicians, proofreaders, people with expertise in a specific scientific field, people who can speak a specific language... So many talents exist that could be useful to various projects.

over twelve years ago

Why limit the proposed website to designers? Why not make a clearing house for all types of talents? There are probably plenty of people willing to donate their time or knowledge to a project, be it designing or catering. I can see a kind of's List site for the skeptic community.