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Jun 28, 2012

The Show Notes

Folks off to Poland
Gigapascals and Chitin
"Strange Roads" taping info
Ask George 
     - In lieu of flowers? from Lauren C.
     - Prog Music? from David Carlson
Brave [mild spoilers]
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Astrology Ponzi Schemers from DJ Empirical
     - Loch Ness Monster Curriculum from David Barwick & Armadillo
     - Wife’s Music Career Supporting Pastor from Paul Freeland
Cognitive Dissonance Podcast
Brian Isbell
Show close


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almost eleven years ago

Ouch, Geo. That intro you've done was a complete mess historically. Before WW2, it had been almost two centuries since there had been anything even vaguely like "Ukraine" existing as an independent entity (except for a few failed VERY short-lived attempts at creating it in the early 20th century). Actually, that holds true right up until 1991 (as being part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Socialist Republic doesn't really count, heh), but the very short of it re WW2 was:
(1.) Poland gets attacked by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany (also known as the two biggest powers of that war) from two sides with predictable results.
(2.) The Nazis and Soviets split the Polish territory. The territory on the east is annexed by Stalin. Hitler later backstabbed Stalin despite their alliance (after which Stalin ended up on the winning side) and that land stayed separate from Poland. This includes the current Ukrainian territory. (3.) Ukraine then existed only as part of the federation of the Soviet Union until it gained independence in the early nineties. | In other words, you really don't need any made-up border disputes and skirmishes and small land trades (between whom and whom, anyway?) to have your folks be Ukrainians born in Poland, past or current. It's not like there was a line anywhere saying "this is how far Stalin will surprise-annex into these lands in some years".

Lauren Cocilova
almost twelve years ago

Thanks for the "in lieu of" advice. I'm sorry I'm only able to get to commenting now, but there is a lot else going on here outside of that one thing... I think I'm going to wait until when his birthday would have been, and then donate to the local zoo that my aunt and I have enjoyed together. That list of secular charities was great, too, and I know I'll be using that in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

almost twelve years ago

Geo, your story about your folks visiting their old home town was interesting, and brings up something I hadn't thought of.

I moved to Atlanta, GA, from England almost 20 years back, and whenever I want to revisit my past I can hop on Google street view and get a quick fix. The house where I lived as a baby is gone now, but all the other places I lived are still there, albeit changed weirdly. It's all a bit surreal given the unnaturally high viewpoint of the pictures, but very usable.

Anyway, I was going to suggest you guys might try the same approach, but - I just checked - apparently Google's coverage isn't quite so extensive in Poland and Ukraine ...

I hope they have a satisfying 'voyage of rediscovery'.

David H
almost twelve years ago

P. Porter, if you look just above where our comments are, it says:
"Direct download: GeologicPodcast269-Jun28-12.mp3"

You can save this mp3 file as you would any other file.

P. Porter
almost twelve years ago

George, I just listened to Cognative Dissonance and was made "hip" to your podcast. Unfortunately, folks like me (on dial-up), have no patience for iTunes. Most atheist websites have direct download options (either OGG-Vorbis or MP3 formats). These sites include Cognative Diss., Atheist Exp., Ask An Atheist, etc... Please make it easier to download your fine (I'm given to understand) program.

almost twelve years ago

I realize that the use of astrology is pretty much guaranteed to be a losing investment strategy, but some valid strategies aren't *that* much more ridiculous.

almost twelve years ago

Re: In lieu of flowers? - If you know what the deceased died from, donate to scientifc medical research into that illness.