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Aug 14, 2014

The Show Notes

James McFall sent me bubbles
Love Canon
Steely Dan and why I hate the blues
The History Chunk
     - August 14th
The Weekly Standard
     - Day By Day
Some movies

     - Guardians of the Galaxy
     - Five Years
     - Dear Zachary
Coffee? Oui Oui!
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Rick Wiles from Ayala Sela
Ask George
     - No to Yes? from Ilya Schwartz
     - McCartney’s wind? from Jim Fitzsimmons
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 Ms. Info sez. "This week, Brian from Mad Art Lab sent an email with the subject line Ahoy! And he does not have mutton chops."


Ari B.
over nine years ago

Love Canon strikes me as something along the same lines as Postmodern Jukebox, covering songs while changing their genres. Check them out on Youtube.