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Jan 12, 2017

The Show Notes

Movie Credits
Wreck-It Ralph & Tron
Ask George
     - Gender specific songs? from Henry R.
     - Kid specific songs? from Damiano
Tom Petty Doc: Runnin' Down a Dream
Essay: Making Life Like Movies about Life
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Gordon Klingenschmitt from Larry Miller
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Dave Jackson
over seven years ago

I found my old iPod and put it in the car on shuffle, and was AMAZED that I knew all the lyrics of the Beatles songs and was singing along. Meanwhile if someone asks me for my address, I may have to look at my phone to remember if my street is a RD or a DR.

over seven years ago

Celestial crystal harmonicas Geo,

My mother sand my brother and I Beatles songs when she put us to bed, but she never sang the bigger hits, always the deeper cuts from the White Album and Rubber Soul. Since we were children she never bothered to tell us where the songsame came from and since they were never played on the radio I always assumed she just made them up, becaussec Rocky Racoon (my favorite) was too silly a song for professional musicians. Any who, I had no idea that I knew every word of a more obscure Beatles song until I heard the James Blunt cover and just about lost my freaking mind. How the crap did James Blunt learn the song my mom made up for us! When you spoke about just knowing the Beatles this reminded me of that experience, I never had nursery rhymes as a child, I had the Beatles but I didn't know until I was a teen.

Thanks for the great work you do!

Much zyphonical apparitions,

seven and a half years ago


I'm listening to your comments on music for kids, and you've been talking about playing, for instance, Beatles songs for them.

There's a joint Australian/Canadian produced kids show that is/was on Netflix called Beat Bugs. It takes a different Beatles song each week and uses it to tell a story for small children.