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May 29, 2009

The Show Notes


Show explanation

The Show itself:
L.Ron is in my sack
Dr. Manhattan's Dick
Mortimer calls in again once more again and also once more
This Week’s Horror Scopes
Geo’s Mom reads Jay-Z Lyrics

- I Did it My Way from The Blueprint 2
The Misinformed Science Podcast (featuring Alex Press)
- What Is Sleep? from Brent W.
- What if a person goes through a black hole? from Morse Code
- How do plants grow? from Mistress Jett
- How do erectile dysfunction drugs work? from Scott Hurst
- What is the evolutionary origin of the female orgasm?
   from the Noisy Astronomer

CAR by Paul Fisher, Dave Cantor,  performed by Geordie Kitt
Ask George
Michael Bay Smurfs, Why?, Ray Kurzweil, H.L. Mencken, Bullshit, Lex Luthor, Le Sackbut, Strangest thing that ever happened, Joke, Will You Go Out With Me, Scott Sigler, Geo Logic?, Desert Isle, Hairdo, Science Zealotry, Cool Drum, Jill Sobule
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Ms. Information sez: Awesome job, Geordie! And huge thanks as always to the Dad of Balticon, Paul Fischer. Love you, dude! [Also, Fans of the cast—please do check back at this site to see links to images from the live show.]

over fifteen years ago

BTW, Geologic in person, is highly recommended. Sure, it may not have the smooth polish of the factory shrink-wrapped podcast but watching his expressions make it even more fun. That, and getting to hear my family.

over fifteen years ago

When we went to see \\\"Watchmen\\\", the first significant Dr. M sighting was accompanied by a surprised, \\\"Oh shit\\\" from a girl in the audience. And we were all frightened when he started to descend those stairs.

over fifteen years ago

Maybe I\\\'m de-sensitized by all the massive blue schlong in my everyday life. Even with the hype, I found Dr. M\\\'s blinis barely noticeable. Sure, I saw it, but I wasn\\\'t distracted or particularly impressed. In fact, I much preferred him naked to the stupid costume they have him wearing in the comic.

BTW, Geologic in person, is highly recommended. Sure, it may not have the smooth polish of the factory shrink-wrapped podcast but watching his expressions make it even more fun. That, and getting to hear my family and friends identifiable laughter in the podcast, is \\\"SO COOL\\\".

over fifteen years ago

Wasn\\\'t the Meletron the first sampling Synth?

just say\\\'n.

Board altered

over fifteen years ago

\" stiffany jewellery - latest blue \'blinis\' motiff\" ;-)

Darren Landrum
over fifteen years ago

Great podcast as always. I do, however, have to take exception with one off-hand comment you made.

Ray Kurzweil was NOT the inventor of sampling synthesizers. The Fairlight and the Synclavier, and even the Emu Emulator, existed before the Kurzweil 250. Kurzweil did, however, figure out a few ways to improve the quality of a sampled piano, which even to this day is a very difficult instrument to sample in a way that sounds good.

Yes, my first comment on your podcast and I\\\'m being a pedantic asshole. That\\\'s just how I am. :-) Keep up the good work.

over fifteen years ago

I said nothing about Manhattan\'s wiener, Geo. I merely complained about his blue ass hanging out all over the screen because it wasn\'t YOUR blue ass!

What do you THINK I do with Interrobang? Listen to it?! :-D

over fifteen years ago


over fifteen years ago

I so enjoyed watching this live. I now know why it\\\'s \\\'Geologic\\\'.

over fifteen years ago

Nice show! Once again, super-kudos to Geo\'s Mom for being such a great sport.

As for Dr. Manhattan, I\'m re-reading the list of topics for the podcast, and I\'m just positive that there\'s an alternate universe in which Geo chose to arrange the entire performance around the themes of blue peen, wang juice, and spaghettification.

But I guess I\'ll just have to settle for all the blue octocock porn that\'s bound to hit the shelves.

PS - Captcha = \"about unmanly.\" Everyone\'s a fuckin\' critic.

over fifteen years ago

Carrie, that\'s BRILLIANT.