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Feb 21, 2007

Hey Kids, it's show number two and what an exciting week it's been. I've been on the road and I've got lots to talk about... so let's get to it. Enjoy!

The show goes like this:

Flight From Sacramento
A Call from Mortimer
History Chunk
-Postal Service
-Battle of Olustee
-Museum of Art, Rudy Valentino
-Big Week, and more
Old Sacramento
Lousy Gun Fight
Grandma's Entertainment Report
-Mira Nair & Johnny Depp
-Wonder Woman
-Tim Gunn
Religious Moron of the Week
-Marcus R. Ross [tip o' the fez to The Bad Astronomer]
Carl's Junior
Interesting Fauna
-Komodo Dragon
Interviews coming up with Kevin Mason, my personal bodypainter and Dave Jackson from Musician's Cooler
Show Close


For more Geologic fun, visit George's blog and website. You'll be able to see images from the Poseidon Adventure on our flickr site very soon, but you can see a few at the blog right now.
Have a comment on the show, and idea, a Religious Moron tip, or a good carrot cake recipe? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

Shannon Farrell
over seventeen years ago


Great podcast. I\\\'m still in the middle of it, actually, and just got through the history section. You said you had never heard of Edward O\\\'Hare, but I bet you have heard of something which is his namesake: O\\\'Hare Airport. Lots of interesting history there, to include connections to Al \\\"Scarface\\\" Capone.

Keep up the great work!

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Boy am I a dummy... I was just IN O\\\'Hare Airport.





Thanks for the info, and thanks for listening-


Shannon Farrell
over seventeen years ago

Didn\\\'t mean to give you too much crap. I wrapped it up later today, and enjoyed it all. Even more than the first episode.


over seventeen years ago

Awesome, AWESOME stuff!

Phil Rossi
over seventeen years ago


I\\\'m only going to listen to your podcast for one reason and one reason alone. That reason being, I have previously photoshopped my head onto your body and I frequently send out the picture and claim it is my body to earn respect and adoration from the ladies on Craig\\\'s list and MySpace.

But please don\\\'t tell my wife, she hasn\\\'t figured out that its really *your* body and not mine.

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Your secret is safe with me Phil. I have to tell you however that I secretly photoshop my head on to pictures of YOUR body, and send them to your wife. We both laugh and laugh. She then takes pictures of her head, and photoshops them onto her OWN body, but from another photo. We then take all of the photoshopped shots (including yours!)and send them to the Svalbard International Seed Vault up at the North Pole. It\\\'s good to have a hobby, & thanks for listening!