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Aug 29, 2007

The Show Notes:

Good news, Bad news
Science track and Geology
Comments comment
E-mail from Evo
Geo's top five over-rated musical acts
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make with the Good English

- infer / imply
- Gonzales grammar
- yet another horrible joke
Interesting Fauna
- Leafy Sea Dragon: Phycodurus eques
Ask George
- argument inconsistencies- Christopher J. Foster
- militant atheism and evolutionary destiny- Emilio D’alise
Pseudopod story
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Dragon*Con, where you can find Evo Terra, That Old Black Magic at Pseudopod, and the Leafy Sea Dragon.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

See you at Dragon*Con!

almost fourteen years ago

Great list of overated bands. I saw Lou Reed back in 1995 by accident (waiting for another band to start at a music festival). He was like aural mogadon. Dull, dull, dull. The only good point was the girls from L7 staggering out to sing backing vocals for Walk on the Wild Side. Alas I show my age.

As an aside, you are now one comment funnier. Hurrah!

Terence P
sixteen and a half years ago

I believe the band you briefly mentioned was Death from Above 1979. They were a sort of indie-synth duo w/ bass and drums. Assuming that\\\'s who you were thinking of, they disbanded a little over a year ago.

sixteen and a half years ago

Your Overrated list was good. I never thought of Lou Reed as influential, until you got me to look back on him and the Velvet Underground. Yeah, he gets totally undeserved praise.

If you want to make another list, you might want to make a list of musical artists who shuold have retired 10 or so years ago(if they\\\'re still playing now), or 10 or so years before they did(If they stopped for some reason). I think the Stones and Elvis would still be on that list, though.

sixteen and a half years ago

dude, NOT get me started on friggin\\\' Kiss! Ace Frehley? Have you HEARD this guy \\\"sing\\\"?
Wow. Someone needs to take the goddamn bottle rocket that he has strapped to his guitar, and stick it right up his anus. Maybe, just maybe, then he\\\'ll sound like he has some emotion. Or......perhaps it\\\'s just me. Whateva. Still loving the podcast since the beginning. Peace...Stanleigh.

sixteen and a half years ago

Anybody who thinks the White Stripes are talented and cool needs to look up a third-wave ska band called Streetlight Manifesto. Way better lyrics and better instrumentation.

And if you\\\'re going to be watching VH1 Classics, check out the documentary \\\"US vs. John Lennon.\\\" Really well done and it gives great context to John\\\'s post-Beatles songs.

George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

All my idea... I\\\'m still waiting to hear back from the author. We\\\'ll see if he sends me a letter bomb.

Dunno... I sorta thought it worked so I went with it.

I\\\'m glad you dug it!



sixteen and a half years ago

BTW, I have to agree with most of your picks. Doors are so damn overrated. I agree that if he hadn\\\'t died, there would not be this mystic over their crap keyboard songs. Kiss just plain sucks. BTW, the Stones have yet again announced that this is their final tour.

sixteen and a half years ago

One more thing:

If you want another group of religious moron, google what happened when Bill Nye the Science Guy visited Waco, Texas.

sixteen and a half years ago

George, This is NOT a comment for your show. This is just a figure of your imagination! Loved the show (not an endorsement) and the To Make with the Good English!!! Watch out for the \\\"Plaster Caster\\\" at Parsec should she be lurking. Thankyouverymuch!


sixteen and a half years ago

okay...i am making a rare, commenting while listening post!

the overrated bands list.

i can understand three on the list, i disagree with one and with another i give a warning...

kiss, i was a hair metal fan during the \\\"no makeup\\\" days, and those were some sucky times for that band. however they have great party toons.

elvis - besides a few of the hokey movies, this racist, pill popping mama\\\'s boy redneck can stay dead...

Stones- eeeehhhh now they are overrated but they are more iconic then the other two i mentioned.

The Doors...dude....i guess since you never had a stoner phase, you just don\\\'t get it. I think that they are among the american progenitors of prog rock, maybe Jim Morrison wasn\\\'t a musician but the songs were classics and almost mood altering on their own.

a warning
wow, i really hope that Penn Jillette never finds out how you feel about Lou Reed...that\\\'d be your ass dude, for reals

sixteen and a half years ago

George, I listened to your performance on Pseudopod and loved it!

Just one question: Did the author intend to have the main character come across like Woody Allen on speed or was that all your contribution?

sixteen and a half years ago

I\\\'m not even halfway thru the podcast yet and I have to comment.Your over-rated bands list was right on! Now, I have to admit I was a major Kiss freak in high school and I want to see Kissology just for the sheer nostalgia trip it will give me but you are right about the music being thin. Theatrics, yes. Music, eh.
I agreed with every choice you made but especially the Rolling Stones and Elvis. Geez Louise! (Insert Geo frustration noise here)
How about a Geo under-rated bands list?

George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

I- wanna rock and roll all night,
and party at least two times a week...depending on my schedule and how my knees feel.


Good idea sir!

I\\\'ll start compiling and under-rated list.

Thanks for the comment!

Keep on listening-