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Nov 28, 2007



In the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County, Pa.


Nancy Clark- plaintiff


George Hrab- defendant

trial no. 1998-CE-483
Wednesday, January 20th, 1999

The Honorable Robert E. Simpson, Jr. Judge

Richard Santee, esquire: for the plaintiff
Kenneth Roos, esquire: for the defendant
Nancy Clark, plaintiff
George Hrab, defendant
Robert Steelman, witness
Paula Ring Zerkle, witness


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raequel aka systris
almost sixteen years ago

wow 50K...sorry you had to get screwed like that over what amounts to what a minute-long song about someone who should get over themselves? but then again, it makes me think twice about what i\\\'d LOVE to do to some of my old bosses.

almost sixteen years ago

First time posting a comment, I own three of your CDs and enjoy them very much. Nice work.

I don\\\'t agree with the judge\\\'s finding in this case, sucks for you, sorry.

But here I have to depart from popular opinion, I thought you were a douche.

Otherwise, keep up the good work and I hope you have more success in future.

over sixteen years ago

Fresh religious moron(s) of the week: the Texas State Board of Education, for forcing the resignation of the woman in charge of science education because she approves of teaching evolution.

PZ Myers has been writing about our current SBOE for a while now. Grrrrr.

In other news, I\\\'m now enjoying \\\"Non-coloring Book\\\" and eagerly anticipating some new CDs. Whee!

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago


We\\\'re going to have to start paying you a retainer for all the fab PR.

warm regards,
Ms. Info

James Redekop
over sixteen years ago

I finally manage to make it all the way through the back catalog of Geologic Podcasts, and I end up on a cliffhanger! Oh, well, gotta get used to waiting a week between episodes anyway.

And people wonder why outsiders think of the US as lawsuit-happy...

And don\\\'t forget: Always been sincere, whether you mean it or not. (Flanders & Swann, \\\"The Reluctant Cannibal\\\")

Julio from NY
over sixteen years ago

this episode made my brain hurt. I didn\\\'t see a strong argument on the side of the plaintiff. It was all conjecture and hearsay. I can\\\'t believe you lost that one? did you finish paying the $50K to that bitch yet?

over sixteen years ago

As I recall in an interview on another podcast that I later decided I didn\\\'t care for, George ended up settling out of court for a lesser, but still stupid amount of money.

Unless that\\\'s spoiling. Sorry.
Wash dies.

And just to keep to form with the comments I\\\'ve made on everyone\\\'s blog today...

George Hrab is also clearly not in my pants.

Dwight from Ottawa
over sixteen years ago

I hope thats true Dubshack, I listened to the show today and couldn\\\'t believe that the judge made the decision that he did, and then the amount of the settlement, 50 gs? That s nuts!

over sixteen years ago

CarrieP, Geo: I\\\'m truly sorry, and I humbly repent...but the truth is that I do not yet have any of George\\\'s *ahem* product on hand. I promise to remedy that state of affairs.

Meanwhile, I\\\'m curious to know if there will be a \\\"lessons learned\\\" segment to wrap up the whole thing. \\\"Don\\\'t hire such-and-such lawyer.\\\" \\\"Don\\\'t shit where you live/eat/work, even if the bitch deserves it.\\\" And so on.

over sixteen years ago

Ms. I, this past March I had my first ever jury duty experience.

It was for the county I live in...which meant I had to go to Downtown Detroit...for something other than a baseball

Anyway, I got called into a court room to be interviewed for a double murder (involving child abuse)!

I\\\'m pretty sure that I was dismissed for a combination of my age, my clear discomfort at the whole situation, and the fact that I hadn\\\'t cut my hair or shaved for almost a year at that point.

It was a very surreal experience because among the others in my group were several people that I knew in high school but haven\\\'t seen or spoken to since then, and the local \\\"celebrity\\\" weather man.....

(Gerry Hodak, Carrie)


thixen (not stringy this week)
over sixteen years ago

sadly, I\\\'d probably never be looked at for a Jury. Dad\\\'s a cop, served in the coast guard, work for the DOD, gun owner, geologic podcast fan, etc. Any lawyer with 1/2 a brain cell would find some reason to dismiss me.

Dave H
over sixteen years ago

Wow, good show. It just goes to show you that anyone can sue anyone else for anything. Look at someone the wrong way, and you\\\'re in court. Even if they don\\\'t win, you\\\'re still out all that wasted time and court and laywer fees. There needs to be some kind of recourse for people who try and sue for stupid shit, and lose. Like, if someone sues you for $10,000 because you said their socks didn\\\'t match there pants, and in court, you prove they indeed didn\\\'t, and the judge finds in your favor. the plaintif should have to pay YOU $10,000. That would put a quick stop to all the frivilous (bad spelling i think) lawsuits.

I\\\'m interested to hear the conclusion. If i were Geo, and I HAD to pay that woman $50,000 I would figure out a way to pay her entirely in pennies. UNROLLED of course. Like have a dump truck show up at her house and dump a huge pile of pennies on her front lawn.

Jerry D. Hedden
over sixteen years ago

I\\\'m speechless, saddened and revolted. Having been a victim of \\\"the courts\\\" myself, I totally empathize. Mean people suck!

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Malpractice insurance had caused a real brain drain where I live. It was actually a headline in the paper the day I was called for jury duty. I really wanted to serve on a jury and was so jazzed to make the cut.

Turns out the case in question was against a reputable cosmetic surgeon and it wasn\\\'t for what you might think. The doctor was being sued by a decedent\\\'s daughter and not for anything that caused her mother\\\'s death. I forget all the particulars now, but I recall being immediately and incontrovertibly biased against the plaintiff. I believed she was filing a frivolous lawsuit that would only serve to benefit her bank account and add to the malpractice insurance problem.

After what amounted to an interrogation by the judge, I had to be excused. I couldn\\\'t serve in good conscience.

over sixteen years ago

What is it about women named Nancy? I can count on one hand the number of Nancys I\\\'ve known who haven\\\'t been self-centered, pushy, bithces, and the one I\\\'m talking about is in her 50s and is a life long Liberal.

My cunt of an ex-roommate was a Nancy, and I nearly got evicted twice, lost my phone, almost lost my internet, people in the apartment complex won\\\'t let their kids talk to me anymore because of her, and I\\\'m pretty sure (though I can\\\'t prove) that she is the reaosn my cat went missing. :-(

Danny Schade
over sixteen years ago

!?!?!?! What the fuck? You actually had to pay that bitch $50,000?!?!?! That is fucked beyond belief.

over sixteen years ago

SINCERE letter of apology? Hahah... Happen to know if the judge looked up the definition of \\\"sincere\\\"?

\\\"I\\\'m sorry you\\\'re such a horrible example of a human being, and I\\\'m sorry that you don\\\'t have the good sense that evolution has brought to the common flea. Most of all, I\\\'m sorry that I\\\'m going to have to write more songs and work harder and harder to become successful using my talents.\\\"

Man, I could go on like that for pages and pages, though the \\\"suitable for publication\\\" bit would keep me from using more colourful language.

Is there a part two to this after you fired your lawyer and instead hired The \\\"A\\\" Team?

Mr T
over sixteen years ago

I pity the fool who sues George Hrab!

over sixteen years ago


I don\\\'t know why I torture myself by reading all this before listening to the show...knowing that I won\\\'t listen until the next day.

Sure, I could listen to it right now, but then that\\\'s a whole extra hour I have to try to fill at work tomorrow morning....


(get Star Trek?)


George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


The voices are NOTHING like the original people, but I wanted to TRY and make it easy to follow. The only thing kinda close is Ms.Clark\\\'s robotic script like delivery. I remember that well. The timbre is quite different though...

And yes- I was reading from the court transcript. 62 pages of judicial yuchy.

She can\\\'t sue me again because I\\\'m not violating ANY of the agreed terms of the judgement... PLUS she\\\'s too much of a MORON to figure out not only what a podcast is, but where to find the ON switch of her computer.


over sixteen years ago

A fascinating glimpse into the legal system...with a cliffhanger (doh!).

Is it wrong of me to detect in this event a sort of miasma of despair, the kind of sour wind that flows from any TV tuned to Judge Judy? Angry people with lawyers trying to lend great weight to an event that a bored judge--wondering why he spent all that money on law school just to play a hopeless part in an endless theater of the absurd--suspects should end with all parties being flogged with wet noodles and then sent to their rooms without supper?

And then, by virtue of some bizarre twitch of the brain, he decides to lend meaning to his particular circle of hell by topping absurdity with the insanity of a $50K judgement? 0_o

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago

Fucking SPOT ON Marvin. Spot on.