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Jan 4, 2008

New Year's Mini Episode

The Show Notes:

Happy Birthday, Geo's Sister
Mini show explanation
I Hate Ukrainians from Non Coloring Book
Where Have You Been?
Show Close


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over ten years ago

LG LW laptop battery

Tacho Universal 2008

raequel aka systris
eleven and a half years ago

wow, great short show...totally rockin\\\' new song and giggly-funny story.

okay i have to say this...\\\'where have you been\\\' has such a Rush vibe...will this new album be nerd-prog?

happy new year from an envious podfader


eleven and a half years ago

Happy Birthday Geo\\\'s Sister.

eleven and a half years ago

WOOO!!!!! Posting before CarrieP!!!!!

That\\\'s all, more tomorrow, after I actually listen.


eleven and a half years ago

Also in before CarrieP! Eat that girl! Hahahah!

Kitchenaid mixer, that\\\'s all I have to say.