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Feb 12, 2008

Show Notes:

Geo's Intro

The Geologic Fancast

Roast Hrab
The Geologic Fancast Starts Now
Carrie P's Opening Monologue
Two Doctors and Mortimer (Cmar & Laura Burns)
Bombadil Agonistes (Marvin Long)
Top 10 things I'm bettin' ya didn’t know about George (Dubshack)
And now, a word from our sponsor
Special guest deity (Tee Morris)
Reggie in Treatment
We'll be right back, after these messages
Finale- Soccergirl and ensemble
The End?


Geo says:
Super duper thanks to – Laura Burns, John Cmar, Bill “Reggie’ Kaplan, Dave “Stupid Reality? Lim and Steph, Marvin Long, Michael “Dubshack? Wright, Tee “Tee? Morris, Soccergirl, and Ms. Information.

Magna Über Super Crazy Ass Clown Drool Thanks to – CarrieP.

Seriously Ms.Parkinson née Jones… Thanks.

[Podcast art by Dave Lim]

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almost thirteen years ago

Some of y\'all might enjoy this:

Smack a Xtian:

Dwight from Ottawa
almost thirteen years ago

Well done!
No man is ever poor, with friends such as these!

almost thirteen years ago

Yeah, I had a lot of fun doing it too. Thanks for being you I guess. Without this show mine would certainly be a lot less interesting. ;)

Steve Wright
almost thirteen years ago

Great, fun show guys. Too bad I couldn\\\'t contribute, but let me say congrats Geo. You\\\'re great and I look forward to you shows. Keep it up!

almost thirteen years ago

Ah, so THIS is what my husband has been wasting his time on this past month.

almost thirteen years ago

...said the obsessive slash aficionado. :-)

PS - And huge props to the mighty might Ms. Information for beating the feeds into shape!

almost thirteen years ago

Awesome... Just perfect. Well done.

(Not a Dr.) Laura
almost thirteen years ago

I am glad you liked it George. It was great fun!

almost thirteen years ago

It was an honor, and a pleasure, to participate. I am greatly pleased that you enjoyed it.

Oh, and that reminds me-CLICK

almost thirteen years ago

Thanks Geo! It was a hoot to participate. I promise I\'ll abide by the terms of the restraining order.

All praise to the mighty mighty Carrie P for making it happen.