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Dec 18, 2008

The Show Notes

Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA   

- PFA on TV on CBS
- No Florida
Religious Moron of the Week
- Wayne Bent  from Aaron Rasmussen
- Senator Chris Buttars  from Ilya Shwartz
- Russian Orthodox Priests  also from Ilya Shwartz
- Rev. Joseph Illo  and too from Ilya Shwartz
Geo's TAM6 Quick Take
Interesting Fauna
- Paedocypris Progenetica  from Brandon Frederick
Hitler Cake
Aren’t you CURIOUS?
Happy Newton's Birthday
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Philadelphia Funk Authority; PFA on CBS3's Sunday Kickoff with Beasley Reece; the Campbells; the Geologic Orchestra in 2002; Ella from Wales; Shoe on iTunes and the album Vitriol on iTunes.

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Ms. Information says: However great Shoe may be as a recording, nothing matches it live, especially when the crowd sings the refrain. For the win, indeed.

Tom Elliott
fifteen and a half years ago

Shoe was awesome! Glad you liked the recording from TAM, the sound wasn\\\'t too bad (for interest, I was using a Zoom H4 recorder).

So, when you are visiting down under, Geo? :)

fifteen and a half years ago

I can hear myself FAR TOO LOUDLY laughing next to Tom there. That was my first introduction to the Maestro :)

Look at me now, I\\\'m STILL here listening to the schmuck!

J. D. Mack
fifteen and a half years ago

Regarding the new smallest fish - it\\\'s a sad day for the schindleria praematurus, isn\\\'t it? The schindleria praematurus can grow to a whopping 2.5 cm. - over 31 times as large as the paedocypris progenetica. But if one tries, one can fit \\\"paedocypris progenetica\\\" into the melody of \\\"The Fish.\\\" Maybe it\\\'s time to re-record the song?

Regarding the kid named \\\"Adolph Hitler.\\\" The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted as not allowing one to yell \\\"fire!\\\" in a crowded theater. Free speech is not completely limitless. If these parents were to beat the crap out of their kid every day, they\\\'d go to jail. In my opinion, naming your kid \\\"Adolph Hitler\\\" is just as bad, and the parents should *not* have the right to do this.

Ian from BC
fifteen and a half years ago

those dickheads don\\\'t deserve to be Campbells!!
(my last name... :P)_

fifteen and a half years ago

Geo, they\\\'re going to throw you out of the Republican Party after that!!!

fifteen and a half years ago

More like Shoe, please.

fifteen and a half years ago

Glad I could cause a little discussion thread.

I think Ms I\\\'s case is a little different in that her line of work is to further the cause of her clients through marketing/media. So, she is directly condoning their message/work through hers.

In the case of Shop-Rite, they are providing a service for the use of the individual. They are not providing promotional materials or further disseminating their ugly, racist message. Even if someone wanted to celebrate the notorious Adolf Hitler\\\'s birthday, writing \\\"Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler\\\" on a cake is hardly hate speech. I don\\\'t think they should be compelled to do that, I just don\\\'t see why it was such a big deal.

It seems a bit different to me, clearly I could be wrong here.

fifteen and a half years ago

One more thing: PFA might want to think about trying out for the Lions. Y\'all are better than anything they\'ve been able to field the last few years.

And have you guys given any thought to miking up Ms. I so that we can hear her mellifluous voice keeping you straight?

fifteen and a half years ago

If someone had requested a cake that said \\\"Fuck the Jews - Burn \\\'em all!\\\" nobody in their right mind would expect the store to comply. Just as the family has the freedom to name their child Adolf Hitler, the store owners have the freedom to refuse to provide the inscription they requested. Freedom of speech also allows the freedom to refrain from speech.

As for the disinterested florist, I suspect they lost their curiosity within the first few months at their job. I think you\\\'re underestimating just how common it is to order flowers from hundreds of miles away. They\\\'re a florist - they probably deliver thousands of baskets to churches and funeral homes every year. A good percentage of those will be from people out of state. Hell, funerals are about the only time I ever see some of my family. Even if people plan on attending the funeral or event in person most of them probably order the flowers before they leave.

They might take notice of an order originating in someplace like Turkmenistan, but Pennsylvania? They probably would have been confused if you had mentioned how odd it seemed to you.

fifteen and a half years ago

Snagged Shoe: The Bush Generation for my private collection. Standing O, man. That was awesome.

I had seen the article about Little Hitler\'s parents on Fark. What struck me was that, amongst all Dad\'s pleadings that \"it\'s just a name\" was this little gem: \"Say he grows up and hangs out with black people. That\'s fine, I don\'t really care. That\'s his choice.\" I could not read that without hearing a very disingenuous tone in my head. That\'s what dear old dad has set this kid up for. No, he\'s probably not going to grow up and commit mass murder, but because one person with that name did, there\'s a societal stigma that\'s going to be associated with that name for a long time. It\'s why Hitler\'s cousins, who immigrated to Long Island before the war, changed their names and effectively went into hiding once Cousin Adolf\'s crimes were revealed. Ultimately, Mom and Dad are a class of attention whore unto themselves.

Icepick and Ms. I\'s discussion does bring up an interesting parallel, though. I just saw today that, in their efforts to smear as much feces as possible on the incoming administration and the foundations of this country in general before January 20, the Bushies just passed a regulation saying that anyone involved in medical care--from doctors to receptionists--can refuse to participate in any medical procedure they deem unethical. There is much howling since this is being seen as a sidelong swipe at abortion rights (which it is). So, juxtaposing these situations, just where does the right to refuse service in any business or profession end?

And I\'m disappointed, Geo. You totally missed the shot at a South Park reference during the religious morons. Oh, hamburgers.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

Dr. Ice-

I hear what you\\\'re saying, however, here\\\'s my quick take, and what I told the Maestro.

It\\\'s Shoprite\\\'s prerogative to decline the business. It\\\'s not as if they\\\'re hiring and have to abide by a discrimination law. Further, they offered to bake a cake but keep it blank and the family balked at this option.

Let\\\'s put it this way: if someone came to me with a design request that violated my principles, I\\\'d decline service. And that has actually happened already.

As for hiring discrimination, little Hitler might have to change his name as there are loopholes around this, too, I believe.

This is definitely a juicy question for Randy Cohen, the Ethicist at the New York Times.

Ms. Info

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

Great \\\"Shoe 2008\\\" mix...


fifteen and a half years ago

Shoe rocked. any chance of a one off release?

I feel sorry for little Adolph my uncle Smegma faced similar challenges.

hearing chile reaptcha Hendrix lives

fifteen and a half years ago

Re: Shoe -- Oh, the sweetness. T3h Sw33t|\\|3s^2!

Re: TAM6 -- Thanks for posting that. I think I can even hear myself in the chorus: voice #398 in the right channel. :-)

And yes: you totally killed at TAM, Geo. But you know that. :-D

Re: Little Hitler -- I have to agree with Ms. Info. It might be different if Hitler or Adolph just happened to be an old family name. But since the cake-maker is being asked to explicitly join in the parents\' campaign to promote white supremacy through their children, I think the cake-maker is entitled (and right) to refuse.

David P.
fifteen and a half years ago

Thanks for the \\\"Shoe\\\" remix! I emailed earlier this week about how it was the first song I thought of when I saw Bush dodging shoes; and today, there was the remix at the start of the show.

fifteen and a half years ago

Shoe was fantastic. I\\\'m only just past the intro, but I had to get in here before work and tell you that it is a grand slam home run.

reCaptcha: harkening 56:38

The closest I could find was Isaiah 56:12
\"Come,\" each one cries, \"let me get wine!
Let us drink our fill of beer!
And tomorrow will be like today,
or even far better.\"

See, you can find anything you want in the
bible. Not a good book, but that\'s a great


fifteen and a half years ago

I blogged about young adolf. Anyone else think that the store was wrong? That the high road would have been to just make the cake with a smile and show the dick he\\\'s wrong?

fifteen and a half years ago

I did enjoy the music, and thanks muchly.

I think that peoples\\\' incuriosity comes from 1) not wanting to get involved with anything, just in case the cops or lawyers come calling, or 2) making assumptions that might offend someone. (I would have thought fraternity hazing or porn movie with the raincoats, but that\\\'s just me.)

It sounded like you killed at TAM6 (except for the dry vocal chords). I\\\'m so sorry that I wasn\\\'t able to be there.