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Oct 25, 2012

The Show Notes

RUSH… again.
Rupert McClannahan’s Indestructible Bastard
     - Brittany Taltos
Contest Winner: Claudio Iberra - yay!
Podcast Facebook Page
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Folks at City Church in Burlington from James Moore
     - American Family Association from Bill Dowling
The Good...

Oct 19, 2012


Who says:
1. GAY!
2. You’re a good looking man, sir-
3. Oh- WHY?
4. What’s your favorite color, baby?

First to correctly post all four at wins.


The Show Notes

It’s time for a contest!
DragonCon Escalator
Things People Love That Actually...

Oct 12, 2012

The Show Notes

Leaving a message for Jim
Religious Morons of the Week
     - Miracle Oil Salesmen- from Richard Honess
     - Catholic Ivory Smuggler- from Steve Bale
     - Dr. Pepper Evolution Haters- from Richard Lane
Thanks to Ken Wrede for the book
No Swastika Explanation
Ask George
     - Tie clips?...

Oct 4, 2012

The Show Notes

Unnecessary drama
No Swastikas
History Chunk
     - October 3rd
- Cabin in the Woods
- Looper

     - Safety Not Guaranteed

     - The Master
Ask George 
     - Paying PFA? from Jay P.
     - The Sound of the Life of the Mind? from Logan Ayliffe
     - Playing fast? from...