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Aug 28, 2009

The Show Notes

Tamtoy TAM Tom
Milton’s Essay
Geo's Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics

- Death to Autotune
3 movies
Guess Which One
Interesting Fauna
- Vespa mandarinia  from Jason Schmidt
Atlanta Star Party with Phil Plait and Pamela Gay
“NO” button on FACEBOOK
Fonophonaphone  from Paul C.
Happy Birthday, Joe!

Aug 20, 2009

The Show Notes

Just chill… seriously.
Money in Bank Account Light
Uncle Thaddeus: The Garzeebo Islands
Happy Birthday, Chuck
History Chunk
Lucky 13 and Massimo and Eternity
Religious Morons

- Doug Manchester
- Some Bahamanian Men  from Lowell Vaughn
Ask George 
- Bass?  from Maximilian Hamel
- Molly or...

Aug 13, 2009

The Show Notes

Start Making Sense
Yes, kinda'
Even Numbers
Mingo Fishtrap
PFA and skyrockets
Odd Numbers
Religious Morons of the Week

- Kenneth Gladney
- Flying rabbis  from Sion Hughes, Seth Hanisek, Cian MacMahon
Even Numbers
Religious Morons of the Week (contd)   
- Kent Hovind
Lou Reed Revisited

Aug 6, 2009


The Show Notes

See Geo with Lisa Bodnar on Sunday
See Geo with PFA on Sunday

Highlights from Friday’s Geologic Show
- Intro
- Simple Simian
- When I Was Your Age
- Blue Genes
- She Suffers from Superlatives
- Fifty Stories
- ‘Ya Famous?
- Bebop
- god is not great
- Atlanta