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Sep 24, 2009

The Show Notes

A lengthy interview with the one and only Slau
show close

Fun Activity:
During the Slau interview, count how many times Geo says “wow.”


Mentioned in the show + more information:

Thursday Sept 24
Geo playing drums with the Lisa Bodnar Band

Sep 17, 2009

The Show Notes

The Lester Bank Show
Flying with empty seats
Dr. Damian Handzy’s Facts That’ll Fuck You Up

- photos of  individual atoms
Religious Moron of the Week
- Vissarion the Russian Jesus  from Jared Congiardo
- evolution shirt school people  from Bruce Icepick Press & Jared C
- Wikler Moran-Mora  from...

Sep 15, 2009


Nebraska et al.
When I Was Your Age

- Hovind's parole?
- What band?
- Favorite animal?
- Best weapon?
- Superhero?
- Finite infinite?
- Odor or hiccoughs?
- Head sweat?
- Skeptic?
- Far?
- Pants/socks?
- Geeky kids?
- Squirrels?
- Song stuck?
- Humor in music?
- Least favorite song?

Sep 2, 2009

The Show Notes

Mystery Artist
Giving blood
Geo London E-Bay Offer
Ask George

- Sucking?  from Daniel
- think of a good question
- LIVE event vs. recording
Religious Moron of the Week
- Phillip Craig Garrido  from Chuck Donches
Something from apxitekt
Nice PFA footage on YouTube
See you this...