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Apr 30, 2009

The Show Notes

Being recognized in Boston
Slau's Mic Shootout

- Audio Technica 4033/SE
Richard Saunders on TV
What's the formula in FAR?
Ask George
- Slander?  from Kylie Sturgess aka Podblack
- Practice?  from Tim Smith
- Songwriting Perspective?  from Dale Boan
- Spot the Skeptic?  from Jim Fisher
Interesting Fauna
- Histiophryne Psychedelica  from Lisa McLain
Guitars are coming along nicely
Auction Items at the JREF
TAM Dinner with Geo
Skepticality 100
Show close


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Greg B
over fifteen years ago


You may already be aware of this, but it was new to me. I just found a 3 part interview with Bill Bruford on iTunes (for free) It\\\'s by \\\"Voiceprint Radio\\\" and it\\\'s wonderful.

I was a big fan during the Bruford/Holdsworth/Berlin days of the Bruford band as well as the UK albums. To hear that old music again was a real joy. To hear Bill talk about the old days with Yes and King Crimson as well as his later work with Earthworks and his current piano/drum improvisation work gives a wonderful insight to this brilliant musician.

Since you\\\'re also a Bill Bruford fan (and a fan of good music in general) I thought you might enjoy listening to it if you haven\\\'t already found it.

My interest in the band Bruford and UK came from an interest in Allan Holdsworth. I would follow any band he was in and that led me to Bruford. But my interest as a player also led me to anything connected with King Crimson and Tony Levin. Go to this page and scroll down about half way to see why:

In any case, enjoy the interview.


over fifteen years ago

Since you\'re also a Bill Bruford fan (and a fan of good music in general) I thought you might enjoy listening to it if you haven\'t already found it.

over fifteen years ago

A good article on how practice works and why doing scales is probably one of the most important things you can do

over fifteen years ago

Yes, and what David says is reflected in research on practice across disciplines: - Ericsson, K. A., & Charness, N. (2004). Expert performance: Its structure and acquisition. American Psychologist, 49, 725-747.
\\\"Discipline-specific cognitive skills used by experts may be so deeply embedded in expertise that experts may not be fully aware of the speed and fluidity with which they deploy these skills. Expert skills include cognitive strategies such as approaches for analyzing a problem and strategies for reading the technical literature. Experts may have difficulty articulating how they acquired these skills or describing their decision processes when using these skills. Ericsson and Charness (2004) argue that novices require extensive practice and expert coaching to achieve expert levels of performance on these skills.\\\"

Some Canadian Skeptic
over fifteen years ago

I just wanted to throw my sheepish hat in the ring as being someone ELSE who didn\'t listen to the \"post it in the comments section\" and I emailed Geo too.


Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum
over fifteen years ago

Carrie beat me to it big time!
\'\'Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow\'\'

I was saving the podcast for after I finished my IRS quarterly reports... Crazy busy around here... Shirt happening in continuous mode.

Greg B
over fifteen years ago

Dude! I don\\\'t know why I such a hard time finding the comment section. There it was cleverly hidden under the word \\\"Comments\\\"

My guess (which I emailed to Geo) was that it was the calculation for Red Shift. The A = 0.22 up (although they\\\'re actually the Greek letter mu and (i think) phi) is used in calculating Doppler effect. So I thought \\\"Aha!\\\" Doppler ! Astronomy! Far! It must be the calculation of red shift.

Geo just wrote back \\\"Close, check the comment section for the answer\\\"

Oh Sparrow speed, a Python reference, of course!



J. D. Mack
over fifteen years ago


Regarding the slander laws of different countries - I don\\\'t believe this comes into play in the cases you discussed. I don\\\'t know who Phil Daoust is, but he clearly understands that suing Tim Minchin over that song would hurt his reputation further even if he won. Nancy Clark, on the other hand, lacked the clarity of reason that Phil has, and now she is hated by numerous people who would never had heard of her had she not sued you. She won, but she lost.

On a different topic, I believe you said some things about a psychedelic fish in this episode. Unfortunately, you chose \\\"My White Bicycle\\\" as the backing music for this segment, which is an *awesome* song, so I missed whatever you said about the fish ; ).

J. D.

over fifteen years ago

Congratulations, Geo. You\'ve officially outgeeked me. Strouhal number as Python reference. Love it.

So how many episodes in a row are you going to be able to open with that ramble about not responding when someone calls your name on the street? You\'re up to two.

over fifteen years ago

Oh, Geo, I\\\'m sure that there will be plenty of people who would bid on you. You\\\'re worth at least 200 dollars (250 if you\\\'re fertile and have good teeth).

over fifteen years ago

Not fair! I found it out and everything! Oh well.

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago


Go figure... Carrie got it.

I guess I\\\'ll have to re-shingle your house... or wash your car... or bake a pie or...

Let me know!


Michael kris
over fifteen years ago

man i was just about to post it
\\\"he stately sweep of a swan\\\'s wing contrasts dramatically with a finch\\\'s frantic flapping. Such seemingly effortless flight is one of the most characteristic features of the proverbial way of an eagle in the air – birdwatchers even use wingbeat frequency to tell one species from another. But why do small birds flap so much faster than large ones? Research published in this week\\\'s Nature by Drs Graham Taylor and Adrian Thomas of Oxford University, and Dr Robert Nudds of Leeds University, UK, may just have provided the answer. It turns out that there is a constant relationship between cruising speed and flapping frequency, not just in birds, but also across bats, fish, dolphins, and even insects. \\\"Our wind tunnel experiments with insects and flapping models had led us to expect that there might be a rule that applies to flapping flight\\\" explains Taylor, \\\"but when we looked at all the available data, we were surprised to find that not only birds, but also bats, moths, locusts, and even dolphins and fish obeyed the same rule\\\". The explanation, it seems, lies in the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic mechanisms that animals use to swim and fly. It\\\'s all a matter of timing and geometry. Flap too slowly and the wing will shed the swirling mass of air that generates the flight force before the end of the stroke, wasting valuable seconds of force production. Flap too fast and the wing will collide with the messy wake it leaves behind. Get the ratio right, and the wing will operate at a clean angle to the flow, trailing a neat, efficient wake that averages a jet to propel the animal forward. \\\"Remarkably, the ratio of flapping speed to flight speed could vary more within a single bird forced to fly at a range of different speeds\\\", says Taylor, \\\"than across all 42 species of bird, bat and insect we looked at in cruising flight\\\". The reason is simple: because flapping frequency varies so little, peak aerodynamic efficiency is only achieved over a narrow range

over fifteen years ago


This is the second image that comes up when you actually search Google Image for \\\"Skeptical podcaster X\\\":

The first is a D20 ring.

Derek Colanduno
over fifteen years ago

Awww, Geo mentioned us on the show again! :)

Donna, me and Swoopy really want to meet you sometime! Come to Dragon*Con this year and have a blast with us!

And, I should mention that the re-Captcha words I have to enter to post this time ar:

\\\'Prayer blessed\\\'

How, ironic... or something.

over fifteen years ago

... oh (@*#&@*#^, I just emailed Richard to say \\\'hey, you\\\'re on the podcast!\\\' and now that I\\\'m listening to it... oh dear. Dearie me. He\\\'s going to blush...

The show that Richard mentioned you on was a national popular breakfast TV program called \\\'Sunday\\\'. One of those early morning shows that have very daft hosts that usually features Richard Saunders being polite about how daft they are. :)

Thanks for answering my question, it does make sense. Tim Minchin has signed your album and says \\\'hi!\\\' And yes, he performed \\\'The Phil Daoust Song\\\'.