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A break in the action

Apr 30, 2008

Hey Kids-

With a nearly over-booked schedule of commitments, the Maestro is taking off this week. And if he didn't, I would have hidden the recording equipment. The lad needs a bit of time. I'm sure you'll understand.

Do come back for next week's show! I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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almost fifteen years ago

one word...Withdrawal. Thank you.

almost fifteen years ago

Bummer. Thanks for the note Ms. I! I kept checking the podcatcher to no avail.

almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m amazed that George has gone this far without a break, given his hectic schedule.

Glad he\\\'s ok.

He\\\'s awesome and we all love him!

almost fifteen years ago

Oh good I thought his show with shooting up into his penis veins went terribly wrong. Now I can rest easy till next week.

almost fifteen years ago

I want my Hrab fix damn it!!

I even wrote on my blog about how cool you are and your letting me down :P.

But seriously, a break is good for you sometimes.


hrab fan
almost fifteen years ago

where does a non-drinking, non-druging bald guy go for rehab??? Chuckie Cheese??

almost fifteen years ago

Well, a good chance to listen again to some old shows. Maybe the live one?

almost fifteen years ago


almost fifteen years ago

It\\\'s all mind games, man.....

almost fifteen years ago

It\'s all lies... there is just a super secret hidden podcast this week... if you aren\'t smart enough to find it, then bummer for you.

Great stuff as usual.