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Nov 4, 2010

The Show Notes


A Lovely, Lengthy, and Loquacious conversation with Dr. Rachael Dunlop.

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Mystery Investigators

Skeptic Zone Podcast

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Paul Offit at the wiki


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thirteen and a half years ago

Dr. Dunlop maybe secret Canadian? She sounds like she is asking a question?

A Listener
thirteen and a half years ago

Here's a link to the latest conspiracy skeptic podcast:

I thought you would like it because it's about the 'conspiracy' to undermine the hippies with musicians. Evidence is things like Crosby, Stills and Nash were terrible musicians live, they never got arrested for drugs, came from well connected families and Phil Hartman was in on it too. Frank Zappa was the ringleader.

A listener
thirteen and a half years ago

Steve Martins Athiest Song

George Hrab
thirteen and a half years ago

Hey Everyone-

Just to let you know, I'm having a party at my house very soon. I hope you can all come over and enjoy a variety of personally prepared foods and yummy beverages. All you have to do is show up!

I do ask however that at some point you let me know that my guacamole sucks because I'm LAZY.

Thanks! Enjoy the party!

thirteen and a half years ago


I went to see the one of best pianist I know, a real maestro, then he arrived late at a sold out concert (s**t happens...) and just before starting the performance he yells the at the audience "HEY PEOPLE I JUST FINISHED MY KICK BOXING CLASS SORRY I WAS LATE"
then the maestro proceeds to play the piano WITH THE BOXING GLOVES ON.
The reviews next day slam the performance and the artists replies "Well, I apologized before hand, I had no choice"

I am impressed by the creativity and quality of your show BUT the last one: Lack of creativity when not visiting skype FAQ to turn off alll sounds which led to the lack of quality when including all sounds. Why is this so relevant?

Because you are overqualified.


1.Laziest (1 step)
Start your conversation then change your status to invisible.

2. Lazy-ish
Open a second free account on skype for interviews only
and keep it friend and contact free. (autistic style)

2.Not so lazy
Skype/Preferences/Notifications and select "Event: Message Received" and untick "Play sound: Message Received".
NOTE: you would have to do the same for each event
and some of them may be useful maybe a combination
of turning most off and the ones you need can be deactivated when you go "invisible" (how are you gonna hear messages if nobody is talking to you because nobody can see you? )



I should be sorry for the for the assertiveness, but when I consider
how qualified you are with audio and computers you are, in this instance, you just earn no benefit of the doubt.

Shame on you for being lazy this time!
Kudos for being so creative talented and nearly always careful!
I duly admire your work when you are not lazy.


Dr. Dim
thirteen and a half years ago

Ok, at 39:12 Geo's guest gives the reason she no longer wanted to go to church. I've listened over and over and I can't tell what she says. Can someone help me?