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Nov 18, 2010

The Show Notes

The Styrofoam Tour
Ask George
     - Skeptical music? from March Irving
     - Independence and songwriting? from John in Virginia
     - Odd Time? from Paul Wright
     - Zombies and Being a good skeptic? from Elias Saltz
Rambo III
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Davis Hugh Chord from Steve Coddington
Episodes while I’m away
Carrie P’s fancast
See you in OZ!
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thirteen and a half years ago

Thank you so very very much George for our Melbourne gig! Was truly brilliant… it could only have been more magnificent, if i had remembered to get a photo with you and to hear your water droplet sound (my favourite)… oh well… next time for sure.

Hope you had a blast in “no worries mate“ Australia… love your work! xox

dj empirical
thirteen and a half years ago

carriep, i'd love to be involved in the fan-cast as well. :)

thirteen and a half years ago

Rambo helped the Taliban?! There was no such thing as the Taliban until the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. The US helped the Northern Alliance more than it helped the Taliban, which was funded by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

thirteen and a half years ago

I would like to be included in the fan-cast. if you are going with a less structured show like year one and two I have a number of things available. If it is a more structured show I guess I'll find out...

thirteen and a half years ago

I* listen to AM/FM radio. and I know what they stand for. blame the grandparents.