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Jan 13, 2011

The Show Notes

Pictures from Australia
Katie Morgan tan-line guy
Flooding in Australia
Things People Love that Actually Suck
     - pandering solo technique
Ms. Info’s Birthday
- Ms.Information
Rupert McClannahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - Darco Sangermano
Flying bullets etc.
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Cindy Jacobs
Swedish podcast with Johan Signert
Golden Ticket Tour
Donna’s new Link
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Help the Queensland flooding:
Donate to the flood relief appeal

Religious Moron vid:
Jacobs: Birds are dying because of DADT repeal

Swedish Podcast:
Humanistpodden - Avsnitt 3 - George Hrab

- QED: Feb 3rd-7th
- Lund: Feb 14th
- Gothenburg: Feb 15th
- Oslo: Feb 16th
- Stockholm: Feb 17th
- Helsinki/Vantaa: Feb 18th

We’re currently working on possible venues in London, Ireland, Surrey...


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almost thirteen years ago

I am well aware that I am in the minority on Matrix but all I could think when I saw it was "The computer just needs to run a good anti-virus progam and update its firewalls" I don't know this Star Wars Phantom Menace you speak of. The last Star Wars movie was Revenge of the Jedi. I'm certain of this.

And this is what a drink nerd I am. It is only a Martini if you use gin. If you use vodka then it is a Kangaroo Kicker. Oh I am such a freaking nerd.

Love duck. But it is a hassle and a half to cook.

almost thirteen years ago

Until last week's podcast I had not thought of the blues as an extant music. When I was deployed to Kuwait I had a lot of time on my hands. And I had access to a small library on base. I ran through music that I like pretty quickly. There wasn't much in the way of Greenday or Blink 182 so I started to dig through some stuff I wasn't familiar with. So I heard Rober Johnson for the first time and was blown away. Then I heard Woody Guthrie (not blues, I know). Then I heard Leadbelly, and Hank Williams Sr and on from there. I learned that this was called American Roots Music. I really like this stuff. It is raw and clean and honest. It seems to scream "Listen too me. I was alive, I mattered. Pay attention." The only thing I have seen that was more raw, more honest was homemade porn. That deep down desire to be seen. So I was a little taken aback when you said the blues suck. Then I realized that you were talking about a modern form that I'm not familiar with. So I will have to check it out and decide if I agree with your assesment. Drum solos? I thought that was when we all got up to use the rest room.

Things that people say they like that actually suck? The first Matrix movie? Tom Cruise? Gospel Music? Oh I hate that stuff. Zombies. Glee. Appletinis, all of the fauz martinis. I know you don't drink so probably not you area. Do you know anyone who drinks?

Tree Lobsters
almost thirteen years ago

A thought for "Things People Love that Actually Suck": turkey. Possibly the most overrated of all the dead animals we routinely eat. Dry, flavorless and unwieldy. Of course, people will say "oh but if you soak it in this and stuff it with these and inject it with that..." but that just underscores the problem. If you have to do all that just to make it remotely edible, then it's *not* edible. You could take a brick of textured protein food-like substance, soak it in brine, stuff it with herbs and inject it with butter, and it would taste just like salty herb butter too. Just sayin'...

almost thirteen years ago

It's so very true. If you were to kill thousands of birds for any non-religious reason, you would be a raven lunatic.

No E
almost thirteen years ago

holy shit! i was first!!!

Infinite Monkey
almost thirteen years ago

Cindy Jacobs is patently wrong.

Arkansas is a hotbed of defilement of the name of Christianity.

As a former resident of Beebe, let me shed a little light on the subject. Conway has a SITP. Conway is directly connected to Beebe. They do not respect the Bible as they properly should.

Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State. She used to be first lady of which state? Arkansas. As a woman, she should not have any charge of a man, as said in the Bible. Arkansas is paying for her transgressions.

Arkansas is a major agricultural state, specifically, rice and cotton. Cotton growers are complacent in having their wares used in mixed-fabric textiles, which is prohibited in the Bible.

People across the nation have turned away from the balanced diet you should eat, being both plant and animal, and have switched to vegetarian and vegan diets. Your body is a temple unto God, and you should treat it accordingly. Chicken, a major part of the Southern Arkansas economy. God wants us to eat meat. This is why Northern Arkansas was dealt two plagues in just a matter of day. The destruction of the wicked Arkansas is at hand, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

But, then again, Cindy Jacobs herself is part of this destruction. She, as a woman, should not speak in church. As I have pointed out, she is a mouthpiece for the devil, and listening to her will lead you into hell.

almost thirteen years ago

Good thing they don't give nobel prizes for cartography....right?? *nervous chuckle*

J. D. Mack
almost thirteen years ago

OK, we're 198 episodes into this thing, and I have a confession to make. I can't make out some of the words to the chant that introduces the Religious Moron of the Week. There, I said it. Well, wrote it. Follow along with me if you will.

"It's time once again
for the Geologic Radio Hour's"(that line confused me for a while until I realize that this bit has a history older than the podcast)
"Religious Moron of the Week.
In which George talks about hypocrisy
Genetic (?) overtly religious proclivity
and moronic behavior..."

So, what is the missing line represented by "?????"?

And is the first word of the next line "genetic?" I imagine it might be "general" but that's not what I'm hearing.

Anyone is free to chime in on this if George isn't around.

George Hrab
almost thirteen years ago



Duh. Can I borrow your map?




almost thirteen years ago

Hi Geo:

Hey, I hope you didn't think that my links to Ted Greene playing the blues was intended to imply that you have never heard good blues. It was more to show an example of a "blues" which is a "blues" almost in spite of itself because within the wash of amazing chords that he's playing there also exist a I a IV and a V chord. :)

BTW, there's a lot of agreement with your on the forums (It reroutes you to A lot of people refer to SRV and all his clones as the "Strat in a hat" sound.

In any case, things that are suppose to be good but really suck MUST talk about caviar. Oh My Non-Existent God it's horrid.

Hmm, my captcha says "Farewell clegieg" Now I have to google what a "clegieg" is.

Kristin C
almost thirteen years ago

Oslo is in Sweden, Geo?



In any case: See you there!

Brian NoE mahony
almost thirteen years ago

karen allen played marion

Kate kapshaw was in temple of doom

she was willie scott