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Apr 28, 2011


Happy Birthday, Eva!
John’s Party at Matt’s Place
Thanks to Glenn Barlis for the Trebuchet
Chihuly’s Glass
Religious Moron(s)of the Week
     - Rev. Friday Archy
     - The fine folks at Barsana Dahm
     - The Anti-Porn Porn Loving Arifinto
     - Holy Sepulcher Fire Exit Idiots
     - Professor Colin Humphreys
Lazy Sunday "Death from The Skies"
Interesting Fauna
     - The goose protecting deer from Ilya Shwartz
Meet the Skeptics interview with Chris Brown
PFA at Mauch Chunk Opera House Friday



The Blesso loft

Philadelphia Funk Authority – Friday April 29th

Meet the Skeptics


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Ms. Information says "Glen Barlis- that was an amazing gift! Catapulting tons of sugary thanks from Geologic HQ."

almost thirteen years ago

I second the request for a purchasable Death From the Skies (Lazy Sunday remix). Please Please? It sounds *awesome*.

almost thirteen years ago

Regarding the word 'waqf', it's an Arabic word, and loosely translated it means 'real estate owned by a religious group'.

Thanks for the great podcast by the way :-)

almost thirteen years ago

We're painting our living room this summer...

Dave B
almost thirteen years ago

Woo! Can I buy the lazy Sunday Death From the Skies!? It is amazing. Thank you.