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Sep 23, 2011

The Show Notes

New York Times Fat Camp Ad
Silent Truth Mine
Interesting Fauna

- Murina beelzebub from Dan Adcock
Contagion is worth seeing
Ask George 
     - Technology and music? from Tim in Adelaide
     - Science and art? from Clarke Van Horne
     - Non-believer? from Jenn Z.P.
     - Morals and Worship? from Bob McBride
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Mentioned in the Show

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

SGU 24

21812: A Gneiss Night Out with George Hrab and the Geologic Orchestra

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Ms. Information sez "Hey Kids- you might want to subscribe to the feed so you can find out all the news as it's breaking."

Ms. Information
almost twelve years ago

The Maestro addresses this in the upcoming Episode 251.
Ms. Info

almost twelve years ago

Is this still going on? That is definitely George's head in the 3M ad on pg 49 in the Jan Wired

over twelve years ago

Mr. H, Good job on your SGU24 bit. T

Doug in Alaska
over twelve years ago

Geo, I'd LOVE to come, but flying from one coast to another is not cheap(and I lack airline miles to manage it), and a 4 hour jet lag is a royal pita to adjust to. Have a good concert, and maybe you'll be somewhere near MY coast some time.

Imploding Mormon Skeptic
over twelve years ago

I can't believe nobody has won the magazine contest yet - am I the only one who subscribes to 'Biological Oddities Monthly'?!? People, check page 42 - okay, the photo cut off his head, but that's _clearly_ George's torso and pierced third nipple...