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Oct 13, 2011

The Show Notes

70 decibels
Python tracker
Religious Morons of the Week
- Orthodox Jewish sign posters from Wendel Henry

     - Amish safety sign haters from Matt Schickele

     - Orthodox Jewish poop flingers from Wendel Henry
George Harrison documentary
Interesting Fauna

     - The Tool Using Wrasse or Choerodon anchorago
Ask George 
     - Loss of eternity? from Adam N.
     - Moody Blues? from Icepick
     - Knowing your own chords? from Zachary
     - Nutrition?
     - Running pace? from Matt
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

A Gneiss Night Out
The IceHouse Geologic Concert


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Ms. Information sez "I thoroughly enjoyed the decibel demonstration!"

eleven and a half years ago

Your aussie accent was great! As someone from down under I give you permission to talk in your wonderful accent as much as you like.

eleven and a half years ago

spot on about the description of running breathing. I use the same technique for hiking and mountain climbing as well. It is very efficient to regulate breathing and pace - especially on an uphill section.

eleven and a half years ago

Hi George, great show again. I just wanted to comment on your answer to the nutrition question. You bald statement that calories in must be less than calories out is actually not at all as certain as mainstream health science would lead us to believe. I recommend reading "Good calories Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes (interviewed by Derek and Swoopy a while back). The science on most aspects of diet and nutrition are really far from settled. The calorie equation does not work for many people as some people can put on weight eating very little. I am 195cm and a skinny 80 kilos at the age of 36. I was 75kg when I was 21. I can eat pretty much whatever I like without putting on weight and without doing any excercise (although I do for fitness reasons). Also exercising can often just increase appetite. Not trying to give you a hard time but all us skeptics need to pause and tone down our language before making statements of so called 'fact'. Anyway my 2 cents. Listening to your show is the highlight of my podcast listening week. Keep it up!!

Anne Marie
eleven and a half years ago

"Bah! Your planet doesn't deserve freedom until it learns what it is not to have freedom. It's a lesson, I say!"

"I was doing freedom of speech, Earth's most sacred right."

And that's why I'm pretty sure the free speech citer is Zoidberg.