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Nov 21, 2012

The Show Notes

Happy Thanksgiving
Cloud Atlas
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

     - Oklahoma Ten Commandments

     - Judge Mike Norman from James Garrison

     - David Rapson from Craig “Moorey” Moore
Christmas Album
Airplane cellphone volume
Way too much Geo with Inkredulous and Cognitive Dissonance
Interesting Fauna
     - Bdelloid rotifer (sent in by Jesse Brydle)
Oscar and Toby
Thanks to Julie for the Hat
PFA at Hotel Bethlehem and Stanhope House
Show close


Mentioned in the show

Cognitive Dissonance Show 74

InKredulous Episode #016

Philadelphia Funk Authority


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Ms. Info sez, "Happy Thanksgiving, All. The Maestro and I appreciate the heck out of you!"

Greg Dorais
eleven and a half years ago

Awesome hat!

eleven and a half years ago

Geo, love the show, but I have one small suggestion/request/comment type thing: You should put chapter breaks in the show between segments so it is easier to skip around. Particularly if you start, say, talking about a new movie that I haven't seen yet, and I just want to skip ahead to the Religious Moron of the Week. Or barring that, for technical reasons or good-old-fashion laziness, put time stamps in the show notes. Thanks!

eleven and a half years ago

George's Airplane story reminds me of Kenny Tarmac from Bob and Tom. "Hey guy, we just landed"

Steve Andrew
eleven and a half years ago

"I'm not Shpanish, I'm Egypshian!"

(Sometimes Highlander is my favourite film. Sometimes it's Aliens. They swap places quite regularly. 1986 was a very good year.)

Ohhh, wedding toasts... That was the one thing that terrified me most about my wedding a few years ago. I have a very low embarrassment threshold (I'm british, so embarrasment is in my DNA). Also, I have a similarly low tolerance for stereotypical battle-of-the-sexes comments. (You can imagine what I think of most TV adverts' insistance that all women are domestic drudges and all men are buffoons.)

So, my wife and I set a rule before the wedding - no speeches. My brother, who was best man, was relieved as he wasn't looking forward to having to deliver a speech. In the end my dad and my wife's uncle did a couple of impromptu toasts which were fine, but that was it.

One phrase I detest above all is "under the thumb". (Similarly: "she's wearing the trousers", or "she's got you well-trained".) If I do something that my wife askes me to do, or if I do the cooking, or if I want to spend time with her instead of going out - I could be accused of being "under the thumb". Always said with a jokey nod and a wink, but it makes me twitch everytime. What - am I not allowed to just get along with my wife? Am I not allowed to do things for her because -gasp- I want to be nice and not be a dick?