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Jun 27, 2013

The Show Notes

The Good Ol’ Days
Berkshires and Old-Timey Hiking
Religious Morons of the Week

     - Anti-Gay cake bakers from Stuart Watkinson
- Anti-Muslim pork bullets from Larry Miller
Aids fighting leukemia
Interesting Fauna
     - Glasswinged butterfly Greta oto
21812 is in production!
Ask George

     - Drum fills? from Steve

     - Steely Dan & King Crimson? from Rupert and Danny
Rupert MacClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards

     - Kellylee Evans

     - PLUS honorable mention: Kitty Maehem
PFA at The Sellersville Theater
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Glasswinged butterfly photo


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over ten years ago

I'm wondering if the people behind the porcine bullets did it mostly for the publicity. They got a lot of free advertising because of all the news and blog coverage. Because, as you put it so well, nothing about the idea itself really makes any sense.

over ten years ago

Great discussion of drum fills and Steely Dan. I love when you get into the music theory stuff. I also love the history of the drum fill. Your music discussions always feel like they could be a whole show. You also must have teachers in your family because you give great examples and repeat yourself in a very non-condescending way.

over ten years ago

I've sat on those rocks (or ones near them) on Monument Mountain several times -- my father used to sing at Tanglewood every year, and we'd always work mountain hikes into the trips.

If you liked that hike, try Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire sometime.

over ten years ago

Hey Geo, just a quick Pacific Northwest pronunciation primmer:

Oregon - pronounced ory-gun
Willamette - pronounced will-A-mitt emphasis on the A (pronounced like in "cat"
Spokane - pronounced spo-can (equal emphasis on each syllable)

Granted, you did about as well as I do when pronouncing Native American names from PA, so, we're even. Thanks.