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Oct 17, 2013

The Show Notes

Is it ok that helping others makes you feel good?
Congrats to Zombie Winners David Martin & Jonathan Graber
Ask George
     - Crossfit & bad knees? from Richard & Tim
     - PFA listen? from Lee in Toronto
     - Oz vs US Healthcare? from Dan in Australia
     - Alternate Tunings? from Chris
     - Rototoms? from Kieran in Melbourne
     - Helping a former student? from Chris in Virginia
     - Douchey Artists? from Mike
     - Steve Smith’s Drumming? from Saho
PFA at The Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe
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ten and a half years ago

It's a good thing you're not superstitious. Lou Reed died today, not long after your offhand comment about him in response to the douchy artists question.

Then again, maybe now we'll learn that it was all an act...

almost eleven years ago

We call them 'Checkout Chicks' in Australia.

almost eleven years ago

The New Standard Tuning mnemonic I use is:
Crafty Guitarist Don't Always Eat Good.

I was talking to some other music teachers about using mnemonics for standard tuning. The one I use is:
Elephants And Donkeys Got Big Ears.

Some cool ones I heard are:
Eat A Darn Good Breakfast Everyday
Every Acid Dealer Gets Busted Eventually.