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Dec 5, 2013

The Show Notes

Friend Request
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- Jeremy Gordon Grinnell from Morgan Driscol

     - Fatwa against women swimming from Richard Lane

     - Kansas City Prayer Booths from Larry Miller
Geo’s Mom Reads Jay-Z Lyrics
- Magna Carta from Magna Carta Holy Grail
I Don’t Believe in Christmas
Ask George

     - Funky? from Scott Jensen

     - Funk mix tape? from Chip Cherry
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I Don't Believe In Christmas
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ten and a half years ago

The Kansas City Prayer Booth story is a spoof, albeit a successful one. The origin of the story is this article in Topekas News written by one Haywood Bynum III
Other articles in Topekas News by Haywood Bynum III include "Japanese Scientists Combine Dog and Bird, Create Fukushima Dird Mutant" (

The paryer booth report was picked up at face value and run by, among others, Christian Post ( but pointed out to be a spoof by Friendly Atheist (

ten and a half years ago

If swimming in the (masculine) sea makes women adulteresses, does it make men gay?

And what gender is the Arabic word for air?